Things Emily wants to pretend never happened.


I was so excited and NO, I could not hide it!

So last night, Emily and I and about 50 kajillion other people went to see The  Bloggess read from her numero uno best-selling book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Happily, my friend Shannon got there way early and saved us seats (and seats for our fab entourage Andrea, Becky, and Celia) or we would’ve been in the back! Turns out, Dayton loves some Bloggess!!

And she did not disappoint! For what she told us was the first time on her book tour, the store told her she could not read curse words when she read from her book. If you have read it, you know that it is filled with fishes and sharks!  So she was a little nervous about that, and decided to use the word “hippopotamus” in their stead. I was surprised that she did not use “fish” and “shark” since that is what Emily and I do on this here blog, and SURELY she reads it every day, right? Hmm, well, I will chalk it up to nerves.

The reading was HYSTERICAL and so well done. The Bloggess’ voice sounds exactly the same in person as it does in my head. We are SO connected. Plus, our names are practically the same. Jenny LawSON and Jenny RapSON. What? I’m practically her doppleganger.

Anyhoo. After the reading, we waited to get books signed and pics taken. Because Emily is a genius, she had her famous Bloggess photobomb picture (which I took, can I not get ANY CREDIT??) printed on real picture paper! She presented it to be signed saying, “So you and I had our picture taken together once before, only you didn’t know it.” The Bloggess laughed and gasped and said “You are awesome!” and signed Em’s pic. It was pretty cool! Then, we got our picture taken with her together. Like, and she even agreed to it! But, I ruined it by trying to make a funny photobomb face and making a hideous face instead. And then Emily didn’t like the pic and was all “you are NOT posting that”, even though it’s WAY worse of me that it is of her. Umm, I thought I was supposed to be the VAIN one? Nope, I’m not. Emily is. So here ya go. This is the best I could do:

bloggess5 copy

She LOVES us!

I didn’t think I made much of an impression on my new BFF (I mean, I got so tongue-tied I forgot to mention that we practically have the SAME NAME), but I guess I did because this morning, she started following ME ME ME ME on Twitter!


bloggessfolllowmeAnd in case you don’t believe me:



So, I’m feeling pretty special this morning! Almost as special as if someone had given me a private puppet show with a newly disemboweled squirrel. I mean, she ONLY follows 20,000 people, you guys! This is an EXCLUSIVE club!

Sigh. Thanks, Jenny Lawson. Dayton can’t wait to see you on your next book tour!

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  1. LOVE! And she sounded like that in my head too! 🙂

  2. I heard Emily was in a complete panic prior to the event; wonder what that was all about ? UP

  3. This cracks me up… but mostly because it is categorized under, “Emily is vain”

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