Old As the Hills

You know, Emily likes to joke about me being older than she is, and the fact is, well…I’ll always be older. (Even though she has the sense of humor of an octogenarian.) But lately, I’ve been feeling my age…and then some.

Let me tell ya, 2013 has not been my year so far. Despite my efforts to be healthi-ER (which are actually going well, I’m being a pretty good girl), I’ve had some setbacks. My gall bladder that they couldn’t find anything wrong with last spring has been attacking me again the last couple of weeks. It’s been fairly painful and very stressful. Then, two weeks ago my lower back started hurting for no apparent reason. In the past when I’ve had backaches they’ve usually resolved themselves after a few days of popping Aleve and wearing Icy Hot patches, but not this time. The pain and persistence began causing me some significant anxiety, and I couldn’t get in to see my doctor for over a week, so yesterday I finally broke down and called a chiropractor.

I’m kind of scared of chiropractors, even though most people I know who go to them loooove them. But the thought of having my “back cracked” or ANYTHING cracked for that matter, scared me to death.

But I went, because I. Was. Desperate.

And actually, I think it helped! I’m going back Saturday, despite the fact that my body made horrible noises I doubt it was meant to make and I may have screamed several times a little.

But I have to say the most painful part of the chiropractic experience (which really didn’t hurt, so don’t freak out) was the the doctor himself was OBVIOUSLY younger than me. Either that, or he drinks from the fountain o’ youth.

Sigh. How am I so old that there are medical professionals that are much younger than I am?

My Tour de Old was topped off last night by a 9pm victory lap in my glider rocker with a heating pad on my back. I did said victory lap in my PJs and fuzzy heart bathrobe (I heart my fuzzy heart bathrobe. I’d like to leave it on all winter, eat about 12 pounds of gluten-free onion rings to get nice and plump, and then hibernate for 2 months like those geniuses, BEARS do. But I digress.).

Tour de Old Official Commemorative Photo. With shot of heating pad cord.

Look Grandma! THREE heat settings!


So that’s my story thus far. 2013 is the Year of the Geezer. Can’t wait to see what Geriatric Adventures I’m in for at my Friday doctor’s appointment!

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  1. Year of the Geezer, will there be weekly posts?


  2. I also love the fact that you will always be older than me as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think you should play up this wholel ‘being old” idea. After all, there’s discounts involved!

  3. What kind of make up were you wearing in that photo?

    • Please refer to yesterday’s #doyourmakeup, add 2x getting my face squished in one of those face-holder thingies in the chiropractor’s office, and about 12 hours. That kind. Mary Kay, natch.

  4. As a fellow back pain sufferer, I feel your pain. I had a great chiropractor who decided to move his practice across town so I haven’t been back to him. He gave me the greatest relief so I should just suck it up and make the drive.

    Hibernation sounds great! This Ohio weather stinks. I’ll also take 12 pounds of those onion rings, please.

  5. Mackenzie says:

    I’m sure your doctor is older than you think! Patients are constantly making comments about my age as though I haven’t been out of school 5 years. Usually I just say thank you and try and move on. What’s more fun is them trying to figure out if I’m pregnant or not. I may have to put up a sign so this doesn’t slow down my office visits. “Yes, Dr. Smith is old enough to practice medicine. Yes, Dr. Smith is pregnant. Please don’t wear nasty perfume or smell like you hotboxed in your car or she may throw up on you. Have a nice day.”

  6. most of the time people think I’m barely old enough to be out of high school, let alone be an intensive care nurse. so, he may have been a little bit older than he looked! at least he helped some!
    and I’m so sorry that 2013 has been the Year of the Geezer for you, but it makes for some funny posts! love you!

  7. I like having young doctors and nurses. I figure their training is fresh and that they might actually remember what they learned in med/nursing school. LOL

  8. Is it bad that 90% of the commentors on this post are related to me?

  9. Julie Johnson says:

    Not any relation to ya ๐Ÿ™‚ but I can relate to bad back pain ๐Ÿ™ I gotta say I love my physical therapist Yury at Orion Physical Therapy Specialists #227-3174. I was referred to him by two other friends that are physical therapists. They said he was great for back issues and he was!


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