I forgot how the Tooth Fairy works.

Sam hit a long-awaited milestone last week.

photo (88)

At six-and-a-half, that was the first tooth he lost and he was VERY excited about it. He actually lost it at school, and the secretary gave him a cute little treasure box to put the tooth in. He couldn’t stop smiling all day. It was adorable. And he was SO EXCITED for the Tooth Fairy to come that night.

I had dinner with friends that evening (and I’m going to blame the margarita for what came next. I only had one. Okay, two. But they were small medium.), and when I got home Sam and Andy were both asleep, but Kate had waited up for me to make sure I performed my duties. I went in to Sam’s room, slid a dollar under his pillow, went back to tell Kate she could stop holding vigil and go to bed, and hit the sack myself.

Anyone notice the missing step there? Yeah.

The next morning, Sam came into our room devastated. He was crying and said, “The Tooth Fairy didn’t take my tooth!” I said some choice words in my head and then made up some nonsense about her not being able to find it without waking him up. He wasn’t having it, though. I don’t know why that particular part of the ritual was so important to him, but it was, and I totally screwed it up. Kate scooped up the tooth before Sam came into his room after school that day, and she told him to check and see if the Tooth Fairy had come back for it. By that point he was fairly mollified… but this is one of those things that I’m going to remember, even if he doesn’t.

There are plenty of other things for me to screw up before my kids turn 18, but rest assured the Tooth Fairy won’t make that mistake again!

{Cue Jenny telling me how smart she is for not playing along with any made up rites of passage that require adult intervention.}

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I’m Kind of a Cruncher Now, FYI

A while back, Green BEAN Delivery asked me if I wanted to review a bin, and I kind of half-heartedly said “OK”. It’s not that I didn’t want to try fresh, organic produce delivered to my door, it’s just that I thought I’d never-in-my-life actually pay for it myself. Guess what? I was TOTALLY WRONG.

green bean delivery bin

Turns out I totally LOVE having fresh, organic produce delivered to my door and I think it’s totally worth the $35! Truly, no one was more surprised than me! Here’s what I love about it:

  • I pick what’s in the bin. Green Bean sends me an email and I customize what I want in my bin. You can see prices and pictures of what you’re getting and you just clicky clicky and pick out what you want delivered. The minimum order is $35 but you can order more if you want.
  • Everything tastes awesome. We have loved EVERYTHING we’ve gotten, from apples to avocados to cilantro to corn on the cob.
  • I don’t have to leave the house to get it. IT COMES TO MY DOOR. Now that I work from home, my time is money more than ever  before. Not having to spend time + gas at the grocery store is definitely saving me money.
  • It’s organic and good for us!
  • Thanks to Green BEAN Ohio, I can pick some items from local farms. WIN!

Here are some of my most recent Green Bean goodies!

tomatoes and peppers

produce haul

Such a variety: red onion, red potatoes, pomegranate, avocado, pear, garlic, and celery.

Here’s a lovely lunch I made myself with my bounty:


Little known fact: I’m a great lover of the chopped salad.

I honestly couldn’t  be happier with Green Bean Delivery; since my first box, I’ve ordered 4 more! That’s another thing I like about it, once you sign up, you can pick when you have your deliveries, so if you’re going to be out of town or you just don’t need a delivery that week, you can suspend orders until you’re ready to get them again. LOVE IT!

If you’ve been wondering about Green Bean Delivery, here’s a chance to try it at a discount! If you use the coupon code 15MIUml, you will get $15 off your first  bin! Hurry, the code expires one week from today: October 7, 2014.

Thanks Green Bean Delivery, for letting my try out your service and for your continued great service!

Have you tried Green Bean Delivery? If so, leave me a comment and let me know what YOU like about it!

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My Life is a Meme

So the other day I came across this internet gold: 34 Hilarious Photos of Kids Losing it Over Nothing. You should check it out because it’s hysterical! But as soon as I posted it and shared it with all my friends…Jonah began to adapt his behavior to fit the meme AND IT’S NOT AS FUNNY WHEN YOU’RE LIVING IT!

Yesterday when I picked him up from Sunday School, the teacher was all, “He’s so sweet! He’s so good! I bet you just smile at him all day!” And I was like “Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed him.”

Fast forward to one hour later when he threw a giant fit at lunch because…

Jonah is mad grilled cheese

Then he had a pleasant afternoon with my brother and SIL at Aunt Bethie’s house of fun while we were at a wedding, but 12 seconds after we walked in the door to our house, he was all writhing like a psycho on the kitchen floor because…

Jonah is mad juice box

So basically, I have a #threenager on my hands. I hope he has a better day today…but if he doesn’t…I will make sure to take and caption photographs of his meltdowns for your viewing pleasure. I’m just that giving.

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