Back to School Trends at OshKosh B’Gosh

I am participating in a sponsored campaign with the Motherhood and OshKosh B’gosh. All opinions are my own. As are most of the children pictured in this post. Ha!

The official back-to-school countdown is just 14 days, people! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Oops, was that too loud? Is my celebration a little too tacky? I DON’T CARE! I am so excited to get back to our school schedule, I can’t even take it! Just to get in the spirit, we’ve already done some back-to-school shopping. The kids were really getting into the school supplies shopping! (Side note: I love the way Joshua is getting to be a ham as he gets older.)

JoshuaSophie school supplies

Man,  I love school supplies! Why is shopping for them so fun? Oh, I know, it’s because it means THE KIDS ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!

Soph enjoyed picking out her own folders.

Sophie folders

This girl still had all her teeth on the last day of school! She’s lost THREE this summer!

But anyway, my very favorite part of back-to-school shopping as a kid was always shopping for clothes. I’ve always been a clotheshorse! And now I love shopping for my kids. As part of a sponsored campaign with the Motherhood and OshKosh B’gosh, I recently sat in on a learning session where I got some trend tips from the experts at OskKosh. I used to LOVE my OshKosh pink overalls when I was a kid – I loved them SO much in fact, that when they had bleach spilled on them, my mom dyed them purple for me so the bleach stain would be covered and I could still wear my beloved overalls! Classic I tell you! Well, the overalls will ALWAYS be in style, but here are a few other fashion trends that are big for back-to-school this year.


One trend I ADORE for girls is what OshKosh calls “TLC” – Tunic & Legging Collection. There’s a whole slew of mix & match styles that are trendy, adorable, and oh-so-comfortable. When Sophie was in preschool she wore these styles A LOT. (Now she wears uniforms which we will get to in a second.) I also still love to put her in a tunic and leggings on the weekend. They are cute for church or just hanging out. L-O-V-E this collection!

Another comfy & cute trend is B’Gosh activewear. Sporty graphic tees mixed with super-soft track pants = win! For school, I almost always put Jonah in a comfy elastic-waist pant like these. And the B’Gosh styles make sure that active is also attractive!

Another trend you just can’t go wrong with is denim, and OshKosh B’Gosh denim is on a hot special right now – just $10! I couldn’t pass up the chance to get Jonah some jeans! Paired with this cute $5 graphic tee, that’s a pretty trendy back-to-school look for a great price. And, it’s so comfortable, he can run around and play in it. See?


You guys, I’m DYING. This is my BABY!!!

(I am thinking maybe this kid needs to model!)



Isn’t that just the CUTEST? Our church isn’t very dressy so nice jeans like these are often the foundation of our “dressy” outfits. I think my boy looks pretty darn handsome!

As I mentioned before, Sophie wears uniforms, and fortunately her school allows her to wear some things that are totally cute and not boring! OshKosh B’Gosh has some adorable options! I chose this super-sweet polo dress for her. I love the hemline on the skirt.


My big girl. I think she looks so sweet in this!


Of course I wanted to make sure she could run and play and be comfortable in this darling polo uniform dress, so she showed me that she could, for sure!

Osh Kosh Uniform Dress 2

I am super-excited that my little kids are ready for their first day of school thanks to OshKosh B’gosh! You’ve got to go  online or get to a store near you for their big back-to-school sale – soon the entire store will be 50% off! WHAT? Crazy!

What favorite trends are sending your kiddos back-to-school in this year?

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The end of the insta-vacation

We are on vacation this week at my parents’ house in Virginia (don’t come rob our house, we took all our valuables with us!) It is extraordinarily beautiful here, and fortunately, there are lots of fun things to do nearby.

This week I’ve been challenging myself to take more pictures with my good camera, play more, interact more, an Instagram less. I am allowing myself some “latergrams” but for the most part I’m really trying to enjoy the moments we are having together instead of uploading the moments at the exact time they are occurring. This is a challenge to me and against the 2nd nature that I’ve acquired in the past few years.

But…I’m loving it! It’s really fun to not have to hit “pause” in the middle of an activity so I can upload to Facebook or Instagram. It’s fun to just PLAY. Yes, I’m still taking pictures (tons of them) but I am waiting til later to upload, edit and share them. Later, you know, when we’re not in the middle of something. (Radical concept!)

I’d show you some of the images I’ve captured of our fun and of the beauty of this place, but ironically, the internet at my folks’ house is not working well enough for me to upload any photos. I am totally seeing the humor in that, I swear!

We’re having an awesome time and I can’t wait to share all our pics with you…later.

How do you get in the game with your family on vacation? Do you take pictures throughout, upload on the spot, or later? Or do you just chuck the camera altogether? I’d love to hear how you do it.




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So then I got braces.


Well… my braces are on. In the past few weeks I’ve found the internet to be void of information/stories about adults getting braces (except Tricia, who commented on my first post), so I’m going to share my experience.

If I knew how to make this post google friendly and SEO maximized or whatever, it might be of value, but I don’t, so…

At least all four of you regular readers will see it.

Anyway, I’ve had my braces on for nearly two weeks now. The process itself wasn’t too horrible – it took a couple of hours, but didn’t really hurt. The worst part was the bands they put around four back teeth to anchor the braces in place – having metal rings inserted between my teeth was not terribly pleasant, but it wasn’t awful. And, the person putting them on said I was the first patient she has ever had whose teeth all required the same size bands, so at least I have that going for me.

They told me to eat lunch when I left because I’d have a couple of hours before the pain set in, so I followed their instructions and hit the Wendy’s drive through on the way home. It didn’t hurt to eat at that point, but Lord have mercy I was not prepared for how complicated eating had become. It was pretty much impossible for me to get food to an area in my mouth where I could then swallow it. By the time I was done, three-fourths of my sandwich was stuck in my braces and I was convinced I was going to have to eat alone for the next 12-15 months, lest I completely repulse my dining companions.

Then the pain set in.

For about four days I couldn’t chew a thing. My teeth were super sore, to be sure, but I had expected that. What I had not anticipated was how freaking sore my tongue was going to be! There are brackets on the insides of the four teeth where the bands are, and there are metal bars along the roof of my mouth and under my tongue – all of which cut my tongue to pieces. I sent a particularly attractive tongue-selfie to Jenny to demonstrate how it was pretty much being cut in half by this device. It hurt to chew, it hurt to talk – it just hurt. A lot. There’s suddenly all this extra stuff in my mouth, but there’s no room for it! My tongue is already taking up too much space! But, after about a week, that subsided too.

Yesterday I added rubber bands to the mix. They are making my mouth a little sore, but nothing like the first round. However, now I have to sleep with braces, my FR device, AND rubber bands in my mouth.

Dead sexy, I tell you.

So, overall things are going okay. This stage is better than the FR device, I think. While I can’t take my braces out the way I could the FR, they are much less noticeable (I had been getting some weird looks) and impede my speech a lot less – a definite plus. It’s going to take some getting used to – I have to spend a lot more time paying attention to my teeth than I ever did before. I have to carry around a toothbrush and toothpaste because I’m supposed to brush after I eat or drink anything, I have to take the rubber bands in and out, and it just seems like a lot. I’m sure I’ll get used to it before too long, though. As I keep telling myself, if teenagers can handle this nonsense, surely I can as well.

Let the face-expansion begin.

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