WFMW: Organizing Your Coupons

Are you sick of hearing about coupons yet? Well, too bad! It may be obvious to surprise you that I am not the most organized person in the world. Last week I told you I got my coupon organizing ideas from Money Saving Mom, this week I’m gonna show you how they’re working for me. To store my coupons at home, I use this old Rubbermaid container.


I have coupons organized alphabetically by category in an envelope with the flap cut off. The category name is written on an index card which is placed longways into the envelope. Now, since it’s a smidge inconvenient to cart a box this big AND two kids every time we go to the store, I take this more portable coupon organizer in the car with me.


(Kudos to my hubby for putting this in my stocking on Christmas! He got it at CVS! Woot woot!)

I have a tab labeled for each store I regularly shop at (including separate tabs for both my and my husband’s CVS ExtraCare cards), the front tab is just for CVS coupons, and I also have a tab for scrap paper and one for rebates. In each store’s tab there is an envelope with the coupons I want to use in that store. If I have the kids with me, I just take in that store’s envelope and leave the rest in the car. Here’s what it looks like all opened up:


If I am lucky enough to get out by myself for a big grocery trip, I take my whole big coupon box just in case I see I deal I hadn’t previously planned out.

So, that’s how I keep my coupons workin’ for me! For more great Works for Me Wednesday tips, check out Rocks in My Dryer!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’d love to have that tub of coupons. I just started (12/30) cutting coupons so I don’t have very many. My plan is not to have to pay full price for anything again (LOL).

  2. Oh you’d better be getting another Rubbermaid container out. There is a BIG envelope of coupons in my mailbox waiting to go to your house!!! 🙂

  3. We are on the same track! I love it! Check out this post – I carry my “Dorthy Basket”!!!!!

  4. My heart just skipped a beat at how organized you are!!!

  5. Jenny, Is that you? That is just WAY too organized!

    My coupon organizer is similar to your plastic one, but BIGGER. My husband calls it my coupon purse… but is categorized in the same way. There is also a blank section in the front I use for coupons I am using that day (usually paperclipped in groups like frozen foods, dy goods, household items), and a small zipper pocket where the coupons I do not use go for refiling.

    I was watching Rachael Ray one day and the coupon guru she uses was on. She acutally used a binder and inside she put plastic baseball card things. Anyway, she divided the coupons up for dry goods, household items, dairy, etc, and then alphabatized it. It was a good idea, in theory, because you could see the coupons when you flipped through. however, it is hard to use when you are at the store with two young kids. And, the coupons aren’t a universal baseball card size. So, I reverted to my coupon purse, which does suit me nicely. But the binder may work for someone else.

  6. I read this in a magazine:
    You know you’re obsessed with saving money when your house is broken into and the thief gets $30.00 in cash and $700.00 in coupons.
    For some reason I thought of you when I read that!

  7. years ago i was a coupon clipping queen, but then i got out of the habit when i went back to work because i was just too tired. i’ve just started clipping again and i have tons of coupons that i don’t need and i’m giving them away on my blog. stop by and if you see something you want, leave me a comment and i’ll get them to you.

  8. we need to find some panarea (i can’t spell) coupons

  9. I have used both the rubbermaid tub before and the checkbook organizer (your green thing). I have also used an index box and sorted things alphabetically. I guess I get bored doing it the same all the time, lol. Usually I change it every year or so. I’ve resorted to shopping at night when the kids are in bed and hubby’s home, that way I can haul all the coupons I want along and take 2 hours. 🙂

    Oh and I have NEVER seen a panera coupon, (except IP’s they have emailed me) if someone does, I’d looooove to hear where to find one!

  10. nice!

    btw, i thought of you while i wrote my own deal finding post today. 😉

  11. God I need to get a coupon organizer. every time I pull a coupon from my wallet to use, it’s expired! AAARRRRGH! To tell you the truth though, I’d probably make my wife carry the organizer in the store! LOL!

  12. I”m just curious what exactly do your tabs say? and how you have it broken down?

    Thanks in advance!!


  13. This stuff looks great! I was just looking for ideas on how to organize my coupons since I lost my old organizer ( I was so disappointed ). Also, I found this great website called where you see what sales are going on with the current week’s coupons and tells you what you pay. I have found it super helpful!

  14. My friend just turned me on to coupon clipping and I never leave home without them. I love to see the savings. YAY!!!!

  15. I have the same question as Aimee, I would like to see a list of all the tabs you created in your tub. I saw “batteries”, “cereal”, etc… just was wondering if you would post that for us! I just bought a coupon organizer and I don’t dare write on the tabs (since it will be semi-permanent). Thanks for your blog!

  16. I am also interested in a list of the tabs you created in your tub.

  17. I would also love to know the tabs you used to seperate them! Thanks

  18. Oh my goodness! I have just started trying to use coupons. I will have to come back when I have more time. Anxious to start learning!!

  19. What does anyone do about these places that dont accept coupons printed from the internet, thats where most of them are now a days.

  20. Has anyone tried or Couponcabin is a little overwhelming but has a lot of stores. Some of the coupons are guaranteed to work, which is nice. Those are the ones I have used and had no problem. This website is great for online shopping too. You will figure out which coupons will work right away by putting in the code. Frugalcouponliving was recommended by a friend and I just started using it so I am less informed on that website. It seems more organized and looks more ‘professional/legitimate’ and I found it more user-friendly. I don’t know if this helps anyone at all but you guys crack me up because you are as crazy as me about coupons!!! And I love it 🙂

  21. I noticed a couple people looking for more coupons and have a couple ideas. I have seen people request sundays coupons on freecycle. com and think that would be a great idea in a city.( Freecycle seems to have a lot of variation of activity by area. ) Also, I know there are sites that do coupon exchanges, one that comes to mind is or see if you can start a coupon exchange club in your area. There are always coupons that some people don’t need or use! I loved to get diaper coupons from friends and family 20 years ago, but sure don’t have a use for them now. Same thing for people with pets, allergies, special diets etc,. And these same people might love getting coupons for Almond Milk or vitamins or something YOU don’t want or need.


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