Spring BROKE


My big kids are on spring break this week, so you may imagine the many, many colorful curse words I suppressed when I looked out the window and saw THIS travesty yesterday morning.

spring broke

This past weekend was glorious – so glorious in fact, that Joshua’s head exploded with spring allergies and he now looks like he hasn’t slept in about four weeks. But the weather! It was great! We had a whole lot of fun outside together.

And now – it’s  BUTT FREEZING COLD!

And I cannot LET IT GO, Queen Elsa!

I want our spring break un-broken!

Which probably means I should move.

Side note: this cold also apparently BROKE MY BRAIN, because despite that I took this photo long  before we needed to leave the house, when it was time to get the kids out the door, I stood in front of this snow-covered van realizing “OH, I should probably have de-frosted the car and cleaned it off before now. Crap.” Yeah so the kids got to be cold for another couple minutes while I took care of that…

BLERGH. Anyone else TIRED of talking about the weather?

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  1. Winter stopped back by here as well. High winds, rain, and 28 degrees!


  2. I was SO sad when I saw the blanket of snow this morning. I told my girls that I could cry, to which my youngest replied, “Not me! Snow comes and snow goes…” Perhaps we read too much Pete the Cat around here… 😉

  3. I am SO OVER this Ohio weather! No coat one day and heavy coat and gloves the next…it’s just crazy!

  4. “April macht was er will!” — a German phrase meaning “April does what it wants!” It snowed here yesterday, too! We call it Dogwood winter. 🙂

  5. Maybe the snow froze all of the allergens? Hope?

  6. Joseph’s reaction: mom we need snow pants….where’s the Christmas tree?


    • I love it, Ruthie! Hilarious. I’m with Joe, if we are going to have to suffer through cold and snow THERE SHOULD BE PRESENTS!!!

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