Mommy Wars: Storytime Edition

We’ve all heard about the Mommy Wars, right? WOHMs (work outside the home moms) vs. SAHMs (stay at home moms) with WAHMs (work at home moms) thrown in every once in a while? It’s all great fun, really. I mean, women pitted against women – rock on. Anywho, as it turns out, Sam’s school is getting in on it as well, spreading propaganda. For the wrong side. I mean, we here at Mommin’ It Up proudly support both (all three) sides of the fence, but hello – this is a daycare we’re talking about. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Ok let me back up.

Yesterday was Sam’s turn to take home the Book Sharing Bag from school. He picked a book to bring home to share with his family, and then he picked a book from home to take back and share with his friends.

When we sat down to read his selection, I was a bit perplexed.

“My Working Mom” by Peter Glassman. A man. Shocking.

So the title caught my interest (not to mention the picture – Mom’s job is being a witch?), but I thought perhaps it would be like a book we own called “When Mommy Travels,” which is a great book about a mom taking a business trip.

Yeah, not so much.

Here’s the first page.

“It isn’t easy having a working mom.” Well, ok, strange, but it’s probably rather accurate at times. But it just got worse from there.

It was at this point (page 2) that I started thinking “What the $#@% IS this??” Especially when she enjoys her work? Oh man, that is the worst. I mean, it’s one thing to have a mom who works because she absolutely has to, but to have a mom who likes her job? Sucks.

We read on. For some reason.

People. COME ON. Working moms not only hate their kids but they’re also sucky at the things women are SUPPOSED to do, like cook dinner.

When she’s had a bad day? Mom’s a total witch! Oh wait, Mom being a witch the entire premise of the book.

I totally got to Sam’s school play last year 30 seconds before he went on stage, but that is beside the point. Er, I think.

As I was saying…

But wait! Do not despair – the book has a happy ending!

Moral of the story?

Having a working mom is slightly preferable to being an orphan. Sort of.

I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series. I’ve already put “My Crackhead Mom” and “My Street Walker Mom” on hold at the library.

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  1. Whoa. Shelly Kramer sent me over here and my jaw is on the floor. And like her? I’m speechless. Especially after reading the comment by Stephanie above me where she talks about the guy’s other book, “My Dad’s Job.” OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to look up some reviews of this book….oy!

  2. Oh my word… who the heck writes this sort of thing? So sad.

  3. This is craaazy. I can’t believe books like this get published!

  4. Lori Finnigan says:

    I find it interesting there are “official” titles for moms who work and moms who stay home.

    Does anyone know the official titles for dads who work and dads who stay home with the kiddos?

    I don’t believe in ever banning books so I look at this book as an opportunity to talk with the kiddos about idiots with narrow minds who like to pigeon-hole people into nice little boxes vs families who live their lives the best they can and the best fit for themselves.


  5. Wow. I can’t imagine how offended I would have been. Sheesh.

  6. From one witch to another, that book is whack.

  7. When I first read about this book in Bossypants, I was horrified. But know that I know that the message is that having a working mom is preferable to being an orphan, I’m actually kind of relieved. Thanks for that.

    • For some reason, I don’t remember the reference in Bossypants. Glad I could clear up the orphan thing for you, though. I personally take pride in the non-orphanism of my kids – it’s one thing they’ve got going for them!

  8. Can you link this post to your Facebook page so I can share it?
    I don’t even have words for the fact that a man wrote this book! What garbage. Wonder if his wife works… maybe if he wrote better books of real value he would make enough money for his wife to stay home and not be such a witch.

  9. Not sure whether ‘I’ll Love you Forever’ [creepiest book ever] or this should get worst kid’s book award.

  10. Jessica B. says:


  11. Passing on my post about this. Thanks again Emily- you handled this MUCH better than I would have!


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