I’m Snover It

Could someone please tell me when I’m gonna be able to leave my house again? And when my son is going to go to school again? And when the giant icicles hanging off my gutters won’t drip all over my mailbox and freeze it shut again? THAT would be SUPER.

The snow has frozen my brain. For some real entertainment, go see what happened with Emily and Cortney were brave enough to let me get my makeup brushes on their faces at BlissDom!

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  1. yeah – I know. I’m with you!!! Dayton has had enough snow!

  2. we had 6 inches in MS and it was the most snow we have had in 50 years. after one day of it, i was cussing it and ready for it to melt.

  3. We had five inches of snow, an enormous amount for us. Traffic was a mess, wrecks, cars off the road. I was ready for it to go away the next day, and it did!
    Everyone wasat the store packed with people buying bread, milk, and eggs – we call it French Toast weather!


  4. Here in Alaska a typical snowfall is about what y’all have right now. Multiply that several times – and then don’t melt it until the end of April, and you’ve got our winters. Schools only close if it gets warm enough to melt fast (flood conditions, icy, etc.) and it’s only happened once since I’ve lived here. I’m from Dayton, and remember how every winter would be a slip and slide fest – and how they used salt instead of sand. No point to my comment, really! Just kind of rambled there, didn’t I? Enjoy the snow! I’ll have mine until after Easter.

  5. No snow here, you should totally move to Houston!

  6. I am so tired of winter too! It won’t stop snowing here in Cleveland and is supposed to snow the next three days. Just got done shoveling in fact and so tired!!

  7. WOW that sucks, over here in Los Angeles its in the mid 80’s we have the fans on wearing shorts cuz its so hot. You need to come here to California and hang out at the beach with us. (watch out for rouge waves though LOL)

  8. Ready for spring myself. But looking at the forecast, it seems this snow is sticking around for a while. As my dog slowly but surely colors our yard with his pee and poo. Nice.

  9. I’m finally celebrating the ability to leave the house and Ashlyn going back to school. They had 8 snow days!

  10. Holy cow, you’re not kidding. There is a reason I don’t live in North Dakota. Come on, Spring!!

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