A Lolly Love Affair

As I mentioned, Tuesday was my Sophie’s birthday. I did not mention a fabulous smashing birthday party, because we had a non-party for her. Why? Well, I’m 8 months pregnant and Sophie is very shy and hates parties. If 30 people that she absolutely adores are in a room together, that is about 22 people too many. So, we decided to forgo our adult wishes and traditions and let the girl have it her way. We just had a small, informal gathering at my mom’s with a few cousins and my grandmothers (because really, I am not going to tell my 91-year-old grandmother she can’t come to Sophie’s non-party!)

We DID have presents – although she only opened about half of them there, but instead of cake we had something super-fun and yummy. We had LOLLIES. Lulee’s Lollies, to be exact. What are they? They are delicious, sinful, CAKE ON A STICK dipped in chocolate. That’s right, the world’s perfect food! CAKE ON A STICK DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE! And the best part is that Lulee (who happens to be my BFF Luanne) can make her Lollies in just about any flavor and shape you could ever want! Since Sophie looooooooooves her some Veggie Tales, Lulee whipped up Lollies in the shapes of all her Veggie friends:


Sophie chose to eat one of the French Peas (which was Red Velvet cake, OMG!)

She couldn’t bring herself to decapitate Bob, Larry, Jimmy the Gourd, or Junior Asparagus, but the rest of us had no problem doing so!

Bob was Strawberry flavored, Larry my fave Key Lime, Jimmy was also Red Velvet, and Junior was Butter Pecan! And they were all AMAZING!!

So friends, I am telling you do yourselves a favor. Getcha some Lulee’s Lollies for your next special occasion!  (if you aren’t local to Dayton, she does ship!) She can do specialty lollies like the Veggie ones – you can see tons of pics at her website – (Hello Kitty, Disney, any kind of animal, even skulls for Halloween!) – or just plain old beautifully decorated round, flavored lollies.

But seriously. Cake on a STICK. Getcha some! Check out Lulee’s Facebook page and website, and remember, she is my BFF. And she totally did NOT pay me to do this post, although she did give me 50% off on the Lollies. (Geesh she drives a hard bargain!!)

I’ve linked this up to Things I love Thursday at the Diaper Diaries cause I LOVE ME SOME LOLLIES! Head on over to see what others love, too!

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  1. And they’re SO yummy!!

  2. The kids really enjoyed these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Danielle G. says:

    Wow they are so adorable! What a great idea!

  4. so cute!!!!

  5. Those are soooo cute! I think I want some RIGHT NOW!!!

  6. wow, she did an outstanding job. those look just like the real thing!

  7. Christine Ratliffe says:

    OMG- these look amazing!

  8. Allyssa S. says:

    LuLee’s Lollies are the Best and I’m not saying that because she is my sister-in-law 😉

  9. Food on a stick is always better, I usually eat it UP!


  10. I’d have a hard time eating those–they’re so cute!

  11. My SIL makes some awesome cakes- I need to suggest this to her!! These make my mouth water!!

    We are also doing a sort of non party for our daughter. She’ll be 5 on Monday- I just can’t make myself do big parties for her! Plus I think she really likes the coziness of just family and aunts and uncles. 🙂

  12. Those Lollies are perfect! What a wonderful birthday idea. Cake and lollipops…my kids wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

  13. Those are so cute!

  14. Lila Garro says:

    Hey, i want to get some of these lollie pops, do you sell and ship? can you please answer me at lilagarro@yahoo.com. i am very intersted in getting these candies! they are unique and awesome!
    contact me ASAP please, my son’s first birthday is coming soon!!


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