Take Good Care of my Baby


Next Tuesday, I am sending my baby girl off to preschool.  And although I have been really excited about it allll summmer (I mean really! TWO WHOLE MORNINGS A WEEK to myself…you know, until December.), I am now in the throes of a panic attack.  I know Sophie’s two teachers have probably “seen it all” – one of them has been teaching thirty years.  But like every parent, I think my child is “special”.  And I will admit, Sophie is pretty different from most kids she hangs with.  So, dear preschool teachers, here is what I need you to know about my girl.

  • She is shy.  Too much attention embarrasses her and makes her cry.  Please don’t make her the center of attention!  We don’t even sing the “Happy Birthday” song to her on her own birthday, because she hates it.
  • She likes to watch for awhile before she joins in.  She doesn’t usually just “jump in” to activities she’s never done before.  So it might take her a couple weeks to warm up to preschool in general.
  • She has a speech delay. She says a lot of things really, really well, and I can understand her almost all of the time.  But when she wants to converse with you, her speech is often unclear.  She knows what she’s saying, but you might not have a clue.  She’s getting speech therapy for this and has made lots of progress.  Be patient.
  • She doesn’t like to answer questions about certain subjects.  If you ask her her name, or how old she is, she won’t tell you – even though she knows.  But if you ask her what a certain letter is, what sounds it makes, what colors something is, or what shape something is, she will talk your head off about that.  Because those are things she loves!  She picks and chooses what she wants to talk about, and what she doesn’t.
  • She’s tempestuous and stubborn.  Has been since she was a baby.  She’s either happy or sad, there’s not much in-between with Sophie.
  • She has the most beautiful smile.
  • She is sweet as sugar and loves with her whole heart.
  • She is passionate about letters, McDonald’s Happy Meals, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and watching her brother play Mario Kart.
  • She loves to sing, but she doesn’t want YOU to sing to HER.  She may not be on board with all the singing that goes on in preschool, but she’ll come around.  She deals with it at church!
  • She loves books, and after she knows a story well, prefers to “read” it to you.
  • She’s mommy’s girl, and I’m going to worry every minute those first few days.

So, please, take good care of my baby girl!

Oh, and, she tries to get away with a lot more when she’s with me than she does with anyone else..so you’ll probably be fine.  Me?? I’m not so sure that I will be!

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  1. I’m with you!

    I’m terrified about how Busy B will fare at preschool this year. Her language is great, but the liklihood that she’ll say something inappropriate for everyone to hear is also great. She is used to big kids, not little ones and she may be too rough in her affection or play. Like So-So, B is very passionate and is either very happy or very mad with no middle ground. She likes to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and with no siblings around, teaching her that the world does not revolve around her alone is moving slowly.

    Hold my hand, Jenny. I’m scared.

  2. Aww, I am kind of glad I have another year before Ana starts preschool. Kind of. She will do great! She will love it, (eventually) and her teachers will love her!

    Also… I’ve only been around Soph a couple times, but when I was, I quickly learned that she is an excellent escape artist! (Or is that just for HC?)

  3. Ha I have felt the same way. savannah just started PreK this week I am beyond excited (I have 4 kids so any break I get I will take) Savvy did well the first 2 days. Yesterday and this morning she didn’t. Last night at church she cried. After we leave she does well, but it still makes my heart hurt to see her little tear filled face telling me “No mommy, I need to help you take care of the baby” poor honey.

  4. I love this letter! My middle son is starting kindergarten this year and I may have to borrow the idea for his scrapbook. What a great way to remember exactly what they were like when they started school.

  5. Wow. I’m amazed how much she and Erin are alike. First, the hair twirling. Erin has a fit if you try to sing Happy Birthday to her. We aren’t allowed to do it any more. She’s also either happy or sad, rarely in neutral. I’m sure you will both be fine, good even!

  6. Where is she going to preschool, Jenny? My husband wants me to enroll Claire in the preschool I used to work at because he wants her to have the same experiences my other two had. But they went there because I worked there and was still nearby. i’m not positive, but I don’t think they have the Tues./Thurs. schedule anymore which is what I would prefer this year. I don’t know…i’m torn. While i only have two more years before they will all by in school and therefore want to spend as much time with her as I can, i also think it would do her loads of good, especially in the social skills, because she has her little quirks as well.

  7. awww! My daughter started preschool two weeks ago and just loves it. Plus, she’s pretty darn cute in that uniform.

    Also- Sophie looks so much like you in this picture. wow 😀

  8. Three year olds are in a class of their own- no pun intended! I would love to be a flly on the wall to watch our little Sophie. I sure would love to be her preschool teacher!She is so smart and sweet.

  9. That is the sweetest post Jenny! I wish Sophie a wonderful year at preschool! I also know EXACTLY what you are going through too. Good luck to you too…

  10. I love the letter!!! Jenna started 3 weeks ago and just loves it. I was also scared but comforted by the fact that Jenna has the same teacher Austin had. Which was wonderful since she already knows Jenna.

  11. She’ll be fine…you, not so much!


  12. I know this anxious feeling. My kids switched from an in home daycare to a center over a year ago and I cried. I understand the feeling and need to tell the teachers ALL about your child. Our oldest I wasn’t as worried about (she is pretty social, and extremely smart- she was bumped a level at preschool), but my baby (21 months at the time) was another story. His is much like your daughter- he has a speech delay, and is shy, he prefers to be alone, and is either super happy, super duper angry (he FEELS with every part of his being), or (most of the time) just sullen. He is extremely quiet, yet somehow very intelligent (at his own discretion).
    He was okay. He’s had three teachers and I’m so glad he has finally arrived in this last class. At three he still does not like to socialize with people or kids and most of the time I find him playing alone while all the other kids are in groups. It is just who he is, and I wouldn’t change him.
    I don’t know Sophie but I am sure she will find her niche and be happy. It will take some time as her teacher gets to know her, and as she gets to know her teacher and classmates. It takes time, especially with our special little ones.

    And you’ll be okay too! You’ll learn to enjoy your hours of ‘me’ time. It will give you time to recharge so you can be a better mom when you are with your baby.

    Good luck!!

  13. I just filled out paperwork for my Miss A (5) to get checked out by a speech therapist. I understand on worrying about that!

    Sophie is SO stinkin’ cute!

    She is going to do great…I bet she will LOVE it! Sounds like her teachers will be awesome and understanding, too. 🙂

    Hang in there mama! Enjoy the free time.

  14. nikki wilson says:

    Brings tears to my eyes reading this. Not sure I will be able to do it.

  15. Your Sophie list matches my daughter Jane to a tee. She also just started preschool five mornings a week. To my surprise she loves it! I’m also in your boat with potty training…..she turns three next Sunday and we’ve been trying to train her for 6 months…..she is going to take this to the limit as well. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your life with us!


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