A Monster of My Own Making

Sophie, her doll Marie-Grace, and my niece Murrin (herself a vintage American Girl owner).

Well, the Christmas surprise gift for Sophie was a hit! She loves her Marie-Grace American Girl doll. But it may have been too big of a hit, actually. Now she sleeps with the catalog and is totally devastated that the 2012 Girl of the Year is no longer available because, “Now I can’t have all the dolls. I want all of them.”

This is actually quite exciting for me because I can remember quite clearly a time when Sophie was in the midst of her developmental delays and she wasn’t interested in dolls or pretending in any way. So it does thrill me to have her so excited about American Girl.

Ready for bed with all the essentials!

She has all the characters and their life stories memorized already – even the ones whose books we haven’t read (we’d read several books and she had three mini-dolls before she got her big doll).

I could afford to make Sophie’s doll dreams come true of course…if I sold her brothers.

But I’m pretty attached to those boys.

So…what I’m saying is, “Call me American Girl. I’m really great to work with, and I can totally be bought.”

And isn’t Sophie the cutest??

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  1. Shelby has four of the originals from when it was the Pleasant Company and not Mattel. All in the box. They are great dolls with a lesson.


  2. Faith saved her OWN money for her doll. We made it a HUGE deal. We went to Chicago together to the store and she got to pick her own ALL BY HERSELF! She chose Kaya.

    Oh… there’s an American Girl store opening up at Easton this summer. Maybe gift cards from aunts and uncles to help fund her addiction?

  3. Scarlett has several. I get most of the off of Craigslist. All of the used ones have been in mint condition. A whole lot cheaper that way.

  4. That’s awesome. My sister and I used to pour through the catalogs every time they came and imagine owning everything – she wanted Kirsten and I wanted Samantha. Neither of us ever got a single piece of it aside from the books!
    Now my oldest daughter has Kit and Ruthie and she loves them. We tried to visit the AG store in Atlanta after Christmas and it was an absolute madhouse!

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