Blogger’s Block

Lately I’ve been sending Jenny frantic texts and IMs saying something along the lines of “WTF should I post about today?” Because honestly? I can’t think of anything.

(Ok, I can think of one thing – the dog. We’re in the midst of a one-week home visit and I’m trying to keep my damn mouth shut until I know if I am tethered to this life forever we are going to adopt him. Stay tuned.)

But fortunately other people have lots of really funny, brilliant things to say, so at the risk of sending both all of you away never to return to this blog, here’s what I recommend you read today.

The new (and improved) mommy war, from Kami at The Fence. Here’s one of my (many) favorite lines: Say it with me: The Mommy Wars are nonsensical. We all work hard. We all love our kids. End of story, Media. A-freaking-men.

Everyone knows you should read The Bloggess, but now she’s written a book. I can’t wait to read it.

Speaking of bloggers who wrote books, last week I read Stephanie Neilsen‘s new book, Heaven is Here. I loved it.

So go read those things today, but come back tomorrow… I’m sure we’ll have interesting things to say by then. Or something.

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  1. We’ll have Pin for the Wednesdays, tomorrow. DUH!! Of course it’ll be brilliant! Everybody go whip up a post so you can link up!
    And cousin, I’ll give you a topic. Next post: top 10 things you’re worried I’ll do to embarrass you at Mom 2.0.

  2. We are all so disgusted with the media right now. I haven’t researched it but just recall reading that the “media” of the day went wild over Thomas Jefferson’s alleged slave mistress and reading about the Titanic again recently was a reminder of another media circus in 1912.

  3. Still waiting for Oprah to call about MY book!


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