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As you know if you’ve been reading this here blog, (and WHY WOULDN’T YOU BE!?!?) I have had a lot of changes in my house lately!  My new kitchen from Granite Transformations will be revealed TOMORROW!  I also recently had the privilege to get a curtain makeover from, and now you have a chance to win one, too!  Let me tell you about our curtains.  First, the old.  We were badly in need of a curtain makeover.  All we had on the six windows in our living room were some plain valances we bought 9 years ago when we moved it.  They were as plain as can be because a) Bobby and I do not have a “flair” for decor and b) we had two cats at the time who would scratch the crap out of any decent curtains.  You can see our old valances in the background of this picture.  This is what we had on all six windows.  Ho-hum. YAWN.


These things were so dusty when we took them down! I never paid them a bit of attention. They were unremarkable.

Since we got rid of our cats last year (best heartless decision I have EVER made), we were ready for some REAL curtains!! I really wanted some sheers to still let some light in. I loves me some daylight. has a huge selection of all kinds of curtains for EVERY room in the house – so I had no trouble finding what I was looking for!  Here’s what we chose, a sheer curtain and sheer top treatment.  We have them arranged this way on our two sets of double windows:

double window

And this way on our two single windows:
single window

I personally love that we could get matching curtains for all our windows and arrange them slightly differently for a little variety but still have them go perfectly together!

Aren’t those better than our boring old valances?  I’d say so!

Now it’s your turn to WIN a curtain makeover!  Here’s how to enter!

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think of my curtain makeover.

2) Go to and look around.  Leave a separate comment telling me what curtains you’d pick for your makeover (you can change your mind if you win!)

3) Like  us on Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting us know you did or already do.

4) Tweet about this post on Twitter and leave us a comment with your Tweet URL.  You may copy and paste this if you wish: “@momminitup and @jennyitup are giving away a curtain makeover from”

One winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, September 15th. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I think they look great. Love the color!

  2. Your curtain makeover looks great!

  3. I follow you on FB.

  4. I love those top tab wildflower curtains. I don’t think they’d match anything in my house, but that style is great!

  5. You know what, I have never noticed your curtains. But then again, we kinda do the plain thing too. Shoot, we don’t even have curtains on ANY of our windows – just blinds because I never can make a decision on what to get. You know, I’m kinda indecisive like that. I did have red ones up for awhile until they needed to be cleaned and never put them back up.

    Any way, I think you should have been more daring 😉 but they still look great. I love the top treatments!

  6. I love the DKNY Wildflower Field Window Curtain Panel in Red…

  7. #1 would be that some of my windows don’t even have curtains… ugg. I have blinds, but I’m really needing to update the look. Pick me!! 🙂

  8. I like the Cameron Luxe Microsuede Tab Top

  9. I’m a fan on FB.

  10. Those look great! We’ve had our living room & dining room curtains since we moved in 10 years ago, so we’re definitely ready for an update too.

  11. There are sooo many choices! I think like the Traditional Damask Lace Inverted Pleat Curtain Panel best, but that may change as I keep looking. =)

  12. Your Curtain Makeover is awesome!!

  13. I love the Othello Modern Geometric Curtain Panels

  14. I am a Facebook fan!

  15. Megan Woolwine says:

    Love the curtain makeover…..really makes the room ‘pop!’ 🙂

  16. Love ’em! They look great. The color is really nice. Congrats!

  17. I already “LIKE” you and posted it to my facebook page just because!

  18. Will tweet for curtains!

  19. I love the DKNY Garden Window Curtains in ‘Wasabi’…

  20. I already “Like” you on Facebook. (Heather Commet)

  21. The colors look great and I love your style!

  22. I like you on facebook

  23. I follow you on Twitter.. Here is my tweet:

  24. Traditional Damask Lace Inverted Pleat Curtain Panel. These would be beautiful in my house!

  25. I love the color and how it’s subtle but still makes a statement.

    samanthajocampen at gmail

  26. Jennifer Teague says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  27. Jennifer Teague says:

    I love the color of your new curtains!!

  28. Jennifer Teague says:

    I would buy the Platinum Voile Flowing Sheer Panels for my bedroom. =)

  29. I really like the new look and I love the color!!!!

  30. Sarah Miller says:

    Pick me and I’ll give the prize to my mom!

  31. I continue to “like” you on facebook. 😉

  32. I would like to get the “Lexington Solid Blackout Wide Width Panel”. I need them since we just had to move into an apt. 🙁

  33. We’re re-doing our bedroom and these would be perfect in ivory:

    Sailcloth Cotton Canvas Wide Width Tab Top Curtain Panel

    samanthajocampen at gmail

  34. How nice to have new curtains! What a facelift for your house!

  35. tweet!

    samanthajocampen at gmail

  36. Love the new curtains!!

  37. The first curtains I saw on their home page were some of my favorites…they were the Astor Wide Width Chenille Corduroy Grommet Panel

  38. I love your new curtains, certainly a big improvement and very elegant!

  39. I love the Chantal Pure Cotton Floral Toile Panel Set for myself!

  40. I already “like” Mommin’ It Up on Facebook!

  41. Elizabeth B says:

    Curtains look good! Can’t wait to see all your new decor!

  42. Jennifer N says:

    I love your makeover. The curtains are light and airy!!

  43. Jennifer N says:

    I love the DKNY Garden Window Curtain Panels. They are so pretty!!

  44. I tweeted: “@momminitup and @jennyitup are giving away a curtain makeover from”

    via @natrit

  45. Jennifer N says:
  46. Jennifer N says:

    I liked you on FB as well!!


  47. I love your curtains! I could reallly use some new ones:)

  48. They look great! I love the way you put them up.