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It’s Works for Me Wednesday and I’ve been dying to do this particular post! So here goes:

My nine-month-old daughter was born with TONS of hair. I was very excited, as I just looove a little baby with hair. But about the time she got to be five or six months old, her bangs got really long, so I needed something to keep them out of her face. No WAY was I ready for her first haircut! However, I’ve never been good at doing hair; my best friend used to do mine for me on the way to school in the morning (thankfully she has three daughters to use her mad hair skillz on.)

Then I happened upon an ad for Bows2Cute and my problems were solved! I discovered Bows2Cute about a month before Emily & I started Mommin’ It Up and I’ve been planning this product review ever since. I can’t keep this to myself! Jamie, the designer and owner, makes amazing creations and sells most of her bows for only $2 (and her shipping rates are extreeeeemely reasonable)! Sophia has about ten of them (including the purple & white flower pictured above), and they stay in really well and don’t bother her at all. She acts like she doesn’t even know they’re there. Jamie has several bow types and dozens of ribbon colors to choose from. She can do simple, flouncy, or in-between, and also has fun animal and fruit styles! You can easily have a bow custom-made just to match your little girl’s birthday or holiday outfit. You’ve seen the bows she’s donated to my Big Birthday Giveaway, now check out all of her styles at her website. They make great gifts as well for any little girl you know, and they’ll stay in fine, thin, and even barely-there hair!

Thanks, Jamie, for providing a great, affordable product that I use literally every day!

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  1. Oh I’d love to take advantage of those, but all of my kids have been bald, bald, bald little babies… My youngest is 18 months and just starting to maybe get enough hair for a bow! Those are adorable though! 🙂

  2. They are ADORABLE! I especially like the idea that they can be matched to outfits.

  3. Super cute!

  4. Those are really cute. My neices love bows but they are always falling out of their hair.

  5. Adorable bows!!!

  6. those are so cute!
    ava has always had a lot of hair too, but she also enjoys tearing bows, barrettes, pony tails out. she still does it. lil stinker.

    btw, i tagged you. 🙂

  7. These are adorable! How fun to pass along a great product and a new look.


    Duckabush Blog

  8. Thanks for the advice.
    I have two girls with verrry long hair.

  9. Those are adorable! And cheap! Smart girl–I’m sure I’ll buy more because of the great price! Bookmarking this–Baby ChubChub will eventually grow hair! I hope.

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