Pregnancy Update – You don’t mess with the ZOFRAN

Well, my poor third child is probably feeling neglected already.  Here I am almost 14 weeks and I haven’t posted a pregnancy update in quite a while!  I will do my best to make this up to him or her (GARRRR that is driving me NUTS!) for the remainder of this sentence pregnancy.

First, I would like to say, Zofran is the wonder drug!!  After puking my guts out for a couple of weeks in May, I called my doc in desperation and she prescribed for me the same drug I had been on when I was pregnant with Sophie.  (At that time I didn’t get it until I was 14 weeks, because I assumed my morning constant sickness would be over by the end of the first trimester. HA!)  So this time I wised up earlier.  It worked like a charm (this is stuff they originally developed for nausea in chemo patients, yo.)  And within two days I had stopped puking and haven’t puked since.  UNTIL…last Saturday when I ran out of the big Z.  You see, for some reason my insurance co. will only pay for 24 pills every 30 days. (And it’s a GENERIC. C’mon Anthem, MAN UP. If you, my dear readers, knew how much we pay for our insurance every week, you would crap your pants.  They owe me 6 extra pills.)  So about a week before I realized I was really gonna run out, I started halving them, and that worked ok, not as great, but ok.  But I still didn’t have enough.  So I woke up that Zofran-less day praying that since I was 12.5 weeks , maybe just maybe I’d be ok.

No such luck.  Violent stomach-twisting pukage by 9:30 am.

I called the pharmacy desperately and prayed they’d refill it. At that point I’d have paid whatever I could for just two pills to get me through the next 4 days.  I used the automated system.  No one called me back to say “hell no” -so an hour later I went to CVS and by some miracle, my refill was approved.  I have NEVER been so relieved.  I ripped that bottle open in the car and downed a generic Zofran and I’ve been fine ever since.  The WONDER drug I tell you!  I will start halving them earlier this time, with the hopes that by the time I need another refill I will really be done being sick. Cross ya fingaz for me!

Speaking of meds, part of the reason I was so sick in May is because I was weaning off my anti-depressant. WOW that was a B****.  I knew it was going to suck, but I had no idea how much. It was pretty much three weeks of torture, along with puking.  I really hope I don’t have to go back on an anti-depressant again, just because now I know how terrible getting OFF of one is.  I really can’t describe it, but the physical symptoms were miserable, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Speaking of MORE meds,  (Geez I am a mess!) I am now (trumpets sounding) off of AMBIEN, which I never thought I’d be able to kick!  Fortunately pregnancy makes me very tired which helps with the sleeping. As soon as I found out I was prego I start halving the Ambien, then went down to 1/4, and now I am off of it! Yay!  Good times!  Thanks to my little baby for helping me kick the habit!

Bobby and I are pretty much dying to find out this kid’s gender.  We really cannot WAIT but we have to wait six more weeks at least. UGH!!!  We have a couple of names in mind but we’ve sort of been lollygagging about that until we find out.  PLUS, my cousin Anna STILL has not named her baby girl who is due in four weeks and that is kind of holding me back on the girl name front *ahem* Anna get a move on!

Ok, I know this is getting long, but lastly, I finally have started wearing maternity clothes. I had to give up and start wearing maternity pants at 11 weeks because I couldn’t breathe.  Thanks to Tricia for loaning me some things as I had pretty much given everything away, because, you know, we were done. Ooopsie!

Also, Belly 9 Maternity sent me this FABULOUS shirt:

Isn’t that the cutest??? 3rd baby! I love it!  And it is SOOO soft and wonderful. They have so many cute things.  If you are good at birthing babies, like Emily, you should get this one:

If you are like me (and Emily), and likes you some drugs, you should get this one:

And if you are like my natural birthing friends Kelly, Krista, and Beth, you should get this one:

See?  Something for everyone! Those are just a few of my favorites.  They have LOTS of other cute styles, and even some other accessories for mom and cute baby onesies too!  You can check them out here.  Thanks Belly 9, for sending me the cute Third Baby tee!

So, that’s my pregnancy update for now.  I am happily into the second trimester and I can’t WAIT til December to meet my little munchkin.  And I promise to update sooner next time!

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  1. Gee, we both blogged about the preggers today…at least yours won’t piss anyone off like mine has!!!



  2. OMG. I heart epidurals. Hilarious! Glad your meds situation is working out. Nausea is the worst.

  3. I had that same ridiculous insurance scenario with the Zofran! I remember choosing the “zofran days” based on what I had planned for the day…..i.e. “Am I meeting up with anyone today that does NOT want to see me puke? Okay, take a Zofran.” Glad it’s helping you feel better! (And, the 3rd baby shirt IS really cute. I remember how annoyed I got when people would ask you if it’s your first baby, with that stupid voice and facial expression that they thought they knew it all and that you were in for the unknown ride of your life. Maybe that shirt would have kept those people at bay!)

  4. haha. thanks for sharing all the maternity shirts. this post is a great generic zofran ad! i felt the same way. one day i FORGOT to take a pill and couldn’t find them and gerry had to stay home to keep shepherd from doing something dangerous. worst day of pregnancy. ever. and props to baby ‘unnamed’ for helping you kick your habits. such a good little fellow. or chicklet. 🙂

  5. I think your doctor can get an insurance OVERRIDE for your puke med’s. I had too.

  6. Jordann says:

    I know we have the same insurance and when I got my first supply they gave 24 but on day 24 I could go pick up the remaining 6 for free…..I go to walgreens…hope that helps!!!

  7. I’m glad to hear the Zofran is working for you! I was so sick during my pregnancy that even Zofran didn’t help. Not in the pill form, at least. At the hospital one night during week 9, I was throwing up E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. even water. They gave me Zofran through an IV, and THAT worked! I wish I had been hooked up to an IV for the enter first 17 weeks!

  8. Well I’m sorry I do not like zofran. That medication caused me to miscarry my first child. The doctor prescribed me this pill and after taking it for 3 weeks after being instructed to i lost my first child. There is nothing or no one that will ever change my mind about using this medication. I don’t think its safe for pregnant women to use. I have found websites that state zofran is not recommended for pregnant women to use.

  9. I think that zofran is awesome. I amd 13 weeks pregnant and I had no morning sickness until I hit 12 weeks and in the paast week i have been hospitalied twice to get iv fluids cause I have been severely dehydrated.Zofran is the first thing that has allowed me to be out of the hospital and home with my 4 year old son. I think that it is a great thing and as far as I have read totally safe for pregnancy. I have to wonder how do you know that the zofran was the cause of the miscarriage?

  10. I took zofran (generic) throught the majority of my first pregnancy and my son came out fine. I am now on it for my second pregnancy and no problems, just much needed relief from the nausea and vomiting. What websites have you found that state that as a fact? You may need to stop blaming a drug for your miscarriage and start blaming some prepregnancy physiological issues you may have had, or even something else you were doing. On another note, I don’t take zofran (generic) as directed, 3 times a day. I take it once a day when I feel bad after having eaten a certain food. Otherwise, I don’t take it.

  11. Zofran worked great for me the 1st time when I was pregnant with my daughter (except the constipation if I took one more than 24 hrs apart, yikes!!) I’m taking it a little less this pregnancy. I’m super nauseas but not vomiting as much as I was last time. I’m sorry to shawdy for having a miscarriage, how sad. Hopefully, since then you’ve gone on to have a successful pregnancy. I have a hard time believing that zofran caused your miscarriage though, they’ve been prescribing it to pregnant women for years and I’ve never heard of that happening.

  12. I meant to say *LESS than 24 hours apart*

  13. Courtnee says:

    I just happened upon your blog but wanted to let you know that CVS, Walgreens and other large chain pharmacies are absolute crap! They can get you more pulls and have your insurance cover them but they’re too lazy. They tried doing this to me too and having heard before, I switched to a smaller, locally owned pharmacy. You would think that because the pharmacy is small they may jack prices up but you’ll find in most cases the opposite is true. Pharmacies can get drugs very cheap, and privately owned pharmacies can choose their prices where as larger retail pharmacies are already a set price. Just thought I’d let you know because I have saved so much time and money by switching!

  14. Becky C says:

    I relied on Zofran in my first pregnancy and my daughter was perfectly healthy and full term, 8lb. She’s almost 5 now and still healthy. I’m taking Zofran again now in my 2nd pregnancy, and so grateful to all of you who posted that you have found it safe. I was taking 4mg every 4-6 hours and still felt crappy; i was losing almost 2 pounds a week, and I was fairly skinny to begin with. Recently i doubled my dosage to the 8mg version, and of course worry about how that will affect my kid, even though i got a valid prescription and everything.
    Shawdy, my heart goes out to you, i’m so sorry that you suffered such a loss.

  15. I have to say that I am in my 9th week, and was just prescribed Zofran last week, because I was so sick I literally could not function!! While pregnant with my little boy, the nausea was nothing compared to this pregnancy! I was so not expecting to be puking my guts up all hours of the night (when its worse for me)…..I am so grateful to say that it is working like a champ, and I feel somewhat human again (except for the constipation part….lol)

  16. When I was pregnant with my fourth, zofran (or I guess the generic) was the only thing that worked for me. I was nervous to take it since I have a fairly natural approach to pregnancy, but I was desperate. It really helped. My baby was extremely healthy. The downside of course was the outrageous cost. I’m expecting my fifth now and the nausea is hitting. I found a tip online to buy it at Costco. So I priced it out and no kidding, it’s $15-$30 for 30 tablets, $22-$50 for 60 tablets and $28-$67 for 90 tablets. That’s if you don’t have any insurance. So if your insurance is giving you grief saying you can only have 8 pills in a month, forget the insurance and just buy it straight.

  17. Amanda s says:

    I’m on zofran for awful morning sickness and wonder if it is difficult to come off of. Are there withdrawal symptoms? Is there extra throwing up because the body is used to the help of zofran?

    • Amanda, I didn’t have any problem coming off it after about 16 weeks, but when I tried to come off it earlier the morning sickness returned immediately in full force. I think my body just wasn’t done being sick yet until after 16 weeks. I imagine it’s differend for different people!

  18. Amanda S. says:

    Thanks for your response, Jenny! That’s comforting.

  19. Hi All,

    I am a day away from 10 wks with my first and suffering with HG and have been from 6wks! I have been admitted to hospital twice and prescribed zofran from 7wks. I’m from the UK but currently live in Dubai (due to hubby’s work) and the medical system is very similar to the US. I took it for a week at first then tried to take it for worrying and not knowing a lot about it and ended up back in hospital 2 nights ago dehydrated and totally exhausted and miserable…. I have been taking for the past two days and although I still feel bad I feel like life is manageable again! But after continuing to worry about taking this so early on starting googling and the first stream I came across was this one and what a relief! Thank you all for putting my mind to rest, I’m pleased it worked so well for you all and your babies, I guess needs must I need to relax take it and give my body a rest from all the sickness I just hope my baby is happy and healthy!

    Worried Mum-to-be

  20. *tried not to take it

  21. Hi Ladies,

    The title of this post made me chuckle (and not much does that at the moment!) so thanks for the light hearted relief! I’ve also tried to mess with the Zofran… I have tried to reduce my dose from 3x4mg pills to just one or two pills on a number of occassions… each time within 3-4 hours of missing a dose I am sick to my stomach and throwing up violently. At 24 weeks pregnant I tried to wean off again and vomited with such force that I had my first practice contraction (braxton hicks). That was a wake up call – I decided it’s safer to take the pills than to put me and my baby through that sort of trauma.

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant today and still feel very rotten. It’s not as severe as the first 16 weeks – but I think this is because I “Dont mess with the Zofran” anymore! Back then I was trying to get by on 1 pill a day. Now I am literally waiting watching the clock to take my next dose. I keep telling myself “Just 10 weeks to go and then I can start trying everything to get my precious little baby moving”. Of course I want it to stay in there for as long as it’s needed – but I am also so, so exhausted from this constant suffering. Nobody can understand except other women who have been through HG.

    Hang in there lovely ladies.

  22. I took zofran in my most recent pregnancy for the first time ever and miscarried at 10 weeks (baby had died at 9 weeks). My last three pregnancies were healthy and happy. The first two I took maxalon (which I would take again over zofran any day because it has been very well studied and proven to be safe for pregnant women to take and is only a category A drug) from week 6 to week 12 and had healthy babies. My third pregnancy the morning sickness was not that bad so I didn’t take anything. But this last pregnancy, the only thing I did differently was taking the zofran. And I have read of a lot of other women experiencing miscarriages whilst being on zofran as well. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!


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