Separation Anxiety

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We’re experiencing separation anxiety in our house again. This time it’s me with the problem.

For about two and a half years, Sam has been going to daycare right around the corner from my office. While he doesn’t always enjoy the 40 minute commute there and back, he’s done so well there and had so many fun opportunities. And so have I. Because not only do I get to hang out with just him for an hour and a half each day (even if it is in the car), but having him so close makes it easy for me to attend the special moments as well. I’m able to go ice skating with him and his class, like in the picture above, and I can run over to deliver cupcakes to the St. Patrick’s Day party (which I am doing tomorrow – I proudly wrote “CUPCAKES” next to our name on the list, right under green grapes, edamame, cucumbers, and snap peas. I win.). Things like this don’t require taking the day off, the way they do for me to do the same for Kate.

But, May will be his last month at school here with me. He’ll be home with Andy over the summer and then he’ll start kindergarten near our house.

It makes me so, so sad.

I will miss our conversations in the car every day. I’ll miss being the one to pick him up and seeing his face light up when he sees me. I’ll miss the parties and the field trips that are so convenient to attend. I’ll miss knowing that I’m right around the corner if he needs me.

I’ll miss him.

But I won’t miss paying the daycare bill.

How’s that for a silver lining?

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  1. Aww, that is sad. I’m glad you’ve had the time with him this past couple years. But I’m loving the silver lining. With that daycare $$ you’re saving you can start building me my house right next to yours!!

  2. Elizabeth B says:

    Just think of all the years of sitting in parking lots waiting for him to get out of baseball practice that you still have ahead of you!! (Honestly, it’s a pain sometimes, but I love bringing Charles home from practice and getting that chance to talk to him! So I do understand!)

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