Mission to Mars



Many years ago, there was a TV show called Veronica Mars. I didn’t start watching it until season 2, and then when it was cancelled with a cliffhanger finale at the end of season 3, I WAS BEREFT. Beee-reft, people.

When all the seasons came out on DVD, I rented them and watched it from the beginning. And then a couple years later, when it was on Netflix (it’s not anymore), I watched it AGAIN.


And if you’re not a Marshmallow, and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry. Because you are MISSING OUT!

Every time I’ve watched these three glorious seasons of Veronica Mars, I’ve had the same feeling of total loss at the end…when the series ends with NO RESOLUTION because they didn’t know it was going to get cancelled. I’m just as sad at the end every time, even though I’ve seen it before, because it’s THAT GOOD!!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that last year the cast and creator of Veronica Mars made a fabulous Kickstarter video and campaign that raised over $2 million dollars (the goal) in less than 24 hours to fund  a Veronica Mars movie. FINALLY!! We Marshmallows will get our resolution! The project ultimately raised almost $6 million, and the movie opens THIS FRIDAY!! I bought my tickets weeks ago.

In anticipation of this great event, my husband bought me all three seasons of Veronica Mars on DVD for my birthday – and he is watching them with me!! He’s never seen it. I am happy to report that he loved the series every bit as much as I do.


We finished watching it last night…I am happy to report that Bobby was indeed as bereft as I was when it was over. Fortunately, he’s not going to have to wait SIX YEARS for resolution!

Because Friday night, Veronica Mars and her witty crime-solving friends are back. And I’m EXCITED!!

veronicamars spy

So tell me friends, are you a Marshmallow? Or do you think I’m a crazy person?

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  1. I did not watch it, but it is free on Amazon Prime, so I may check it out. I love when fans ban together to bring something back!

  2. Daniel is the one who got me hooked on VM! We watched all 3 seasons in less than a week 2 years ago and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Until it ended, and we were also quite bereft. So excited for Fri!

    • I don’t understand how you can watch all 3 seasons in LESS THAN A WEEK! That is some serious dedication! Is that when the kids learned to make their own food? LOL.

  3. Duh. You know I’m a marshmallow! We’re going to see it this weekend…wheeeee! I started in season two, too. I actually loved going back to watch the first season after seeing 2 and 3. It made everything make so much more sense…like solving a mystery. Okay, last thing…Veronica + Logan = True Love 4ever. Am I right???

  4. Marshmallows Unite!!!! So excited to get closer! And, can’t wait for the upcoming books and rumor of more episodes!

  5. I was not a VM fan from the beginning. This is because a) I was living overseas when S1 aired, and b) I didn’t have a TV that got UPN or the WB. Lame, I know.

    My BF from work let me borrow her DVDs, though, and I was hooked. I had heard enough about the show to know that LoVe happened, but when I watched the first few episodes, I remember specifically texting her to say, “I know that they get together, but I have no idea how, because I HATE that Logan guy!!” I liked seeing him turn around.

    BUT….I might be the only person around who LIKED Veronica with Piz. I mean, is it so bad that I didn’t want Veronica to be a masochist and stay around this guy who obviously couldn’t learn from his mistakes?? Yeah, they had these big, epic moments, but he still acts like a child when he gets hurt.

    Hopefully they have him grow up a bit in the movie. (all that to say, some of my favorite moments from the show are LoVe moments)

    Also, I am trying to work my way to meeting all the cast. So far, I’ve gotten Weevil and Dick.

  6. I guess I’m the only person in Arkansas who is geeked out about this! Consequently, it is not showing here. Not anywhere. Repeat… nowhere in the state of Arkansas. Luckily, everybody here is obsessed with Duck Dynasty and Dance Moms, so if I ever want one of those brilliantly written shows to make a movie, I’ll be good. :/

    So, I will be watching in my living room via Amazon. I’m super anxious to see how the Veronica/Duncan/Logan/Piz drama plays out, and I can’t wait to see what Wallace is up to.

    P.S. I know I just hated on Duck Dynasty a little, but please don’t throw things at me.

  7. This made me smile because I’m a total Marshmallow! I’ve been following all the articles in Entertainment Weekly ever since the news of the kickstarter campaign broke. My due date is Friday so we can’t make immediate plans to see it but if we can’t see it in the theater I will totally be buying the digital copy because I can’t wait much longer!

  8. Never seen it. We’ll have a Veronicafesf when I’m UP there for grandm’s 95th

  9. Looooove this post! It’s funny – I always noticed Veronica Mars during its initial run and never stopped to watch. Fast forward a few years to when I started dating Rob – he introduced me to the series and I was hooked. I still remember laying on his couch (before we lived in sin), totally engrossed in all the Neptune goings-on as he sat on the floor, working on his art. I was SO. PISSED. at the ending — I can’t believe we’re finally going to get some resolution! And speaking of, all I’ll say is this: #TeamLogan!!!!!!!

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