Summer Adventures

For Kate’s birthday in April, my sister gave her a great gift – a promise of trying out a different cupcake bakery each week this summer.

I love experiential gifts, as opposed to more stuff, and I thought this was a great idea. Kate has had so much fun this summer taking a weekly trip just her and Aunt Anna. She even made a notebook of charts and graphs to rank the cupcakes in several different categories and takes that with her when they go.


Type A first-born FTW!

This week they tried out Ashley’s Pastry Shop in Oakwood (which, according to Kate’s scientific ranking system, is currently in the lead), and the owner saw Kate’s notebook. She took a picture of Kate and posted it on their Facebook page.

Don't you LOVE this cupcake Connoisseur... Hope We Scored Well... ENJOY!

Don’t you LOVE this cupcake Connoisseur…
Hope We Scored Well…

On the way home from one of their trips, Kate declared it the best day of her life.

Cupcakes are a simple thing, but the time Anna has taken out of her schedule and spent one-on-one with Kate this summer is something that will stick with them both for years to come.

What summer adventures are you experiencing this year?

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  1. Their next stop should be Sinfullly Gluten Free and they should bring back one for each of us don’t you think?

  2. I spent a couple of weeks with my Aunt Nette back in the day, adventures in wonderland to say the least. I still remember very fondly all the things we did, places she took me, and still have a souvenir from that time.

    She was quite a hoot, I must post about her sometime…and, BTW, who doesn’t love cupcakes?


  3. Aunt Anna hit a home run! What will next summer bring?

  4. Julie S. says:

    What an amazing gift!! Aunt Anna is the coolest! She’s making some great memories.

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