Top Ten Tuesday – Christmas Style

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’re in full-on Christmas season, and I am excited. So for today’s top 10 Tuesday, I’m thinking of things I’m looking forward to throughout the rest of the month.

In no particular order…

1. Baking. I know it is totally unlike me, but I really like baking! In fact I have to make three pumpkin rolls tonight. I tried making them on Friday but they stuck to the pan and ended up a giant pumpkin-y mess. Yeah. So I am still working on getting good at baking, but I really do enjoy it. I’m even going to be brave and try this recipe from the Pioneer Woman – homemade cinnamon rolls. In our house, cinnamon rolls come out of a can, so this should be interesting. But look at the pictures in that post and tell me you’re not drooling!

2. Advent Calendar. Yesterday I came across this post from OhAmanda and was totally inspired to get crafty. Kate’s been wanting to get an advent calendar, so rather than buying one of the 99 cent ones with the crappy chocolate that we usually get, I’m going to make one this year. And by this year, I mean today, because tomorrow is December first. So I’ll whip one of those up right after I get done with the pumpkin rolls tonight. Right. Anyway, I plan to fill some of the days with silly bands and hot wheels and that sort of stuff, but for the most part I am going to focus on experiences. Some ideas I read online have include picking out a toy to donate, collecting change and taking it to the bell ringer and having a game night. I also noticed that Amy from Mom Advice wrote a post today about making an advent calendar from stuff you have around the house – oh and what do you know, she’s got a list of 24 Christmas activities. I love the internet. It is just full of ideas to steal.

3. Christmas lights. We’ve already started taking the long way home from wherever we go, just so we can check out the Christmas lights. There’s just something about Christmas lights… they exude happiness! We also make trips to a few of our local light displays each year. For those of you in the area, I recommend Light Up Middletown. It is free (although you can give a donation if you like) and you drive through so you don’t have to get out of the car. Take the kids in their jammies! Another one we discovered last year and absolutely loved is Woodland Lights at the Washington Township Rec Center. It is $6 a person to get in, but that includes the rides they’ve got inside and everything. It is well worth it! It’s got the most picturesque spot to visit with Santa you can imagine – a cute little stone house. They let a few people in at a time and it is so much better than the mall. And you can take your own pictures instead of shelling out $15.

4. Wrapping presents. I love to wrap presents. I like to make them look nice… I make my own bows and everything. I generally create a present-wrapping station in my basement that contains everything I need to wrap, access to the television, and wine. Those are all essential ingredients!

5. Our Christmas Eve tradition. Christmas day is always crazy for us… many years we have four stops to make on that single day! But Christmas Eve is a little more laid back. We go to lunch with my grandma and my sister and her family, and then just chill until it’s time to go to church. After church we pick up a pizza and head home to put the kids to bed and put finishing touches on the preparation for the big day.

6. Christmas cookies. Each year, we go to my BFF Jess’s house to decorate Christmas cookies and make a gingerbread house. We get one of those gingerbread kits. The first year we tried to follow the directions and paste the pieces together with icing, but that didn’t work and we had to break out the glue gun. Now we don’t even bother with the icing and head straight for the glue! It’s always such a fun afternoon, and this year we’ll introduce this tradition to her baby girl!

7. Christmas cards. It’s the one time of the year we’re actually excited to get the mail!

8. Christmas music. Sam and I have been listening to the Veggie Tales Christmas CD (which you can download for FREE from amazon) on the way to and from school this week. I love hearing him sing! I’ve also been meaning to break out my Amy Grant Home for Christmas cd. I’ve had that since high school, but it is a classic.

9. Christmas morning. Is there really anything better than kids’ faces on Christmas morning? Our kids are at the perfect ages for Christmas, and I can’t wait to watch them this year. It’s something I want to remember forever.

10. Jonah. Need I say more?

What are you excited about this year? Any favorite traditions or activities? I can’t wait to hear!

For more Top Ten Tuesday, visit OhAmanda!

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  1. The cinnamon rolls from Pioneer Woman? To DIE for!!! They look amazing in pictures, but are truly even better when you are eating the real thing. That’s one my favorite traditions. On the morning of Christmas Eve, I make those cinnamon rolls and then my husband delivers them to several of our friends and neighbors…while keeping many to share with the out-of-town family who is staying with us! Yum! I should start heading to the gym now to work off all the cinnamon rolls I know I’m going to eat!

  2. I’m glad that Shelby likes to wrap, because I hate to!

    I’m excited to see the looks on everyone’s faces when they open their presents…we’re all kids at Christmas.

    I will admit, I’m a little Bah Humbuggy now and then!



  3. I loooooooove Amy Grant Christmas music! In fact, I think I’ll turn it on right now…

  4. You are in the spirit! Your family is going to have a fun holiday!

  5. I love wrapping gifts, too! One year I worked at Dillard’s in the customer service department, and I LOVED learning the “official” way to wrap presents. I can’t wait to hear how your cinnamon rolls come out – I am so intimidated by those things!

  6. Do the cinnamon rolls!!!!! They are amazing–we made them this weekend for a whole crew of family. Enjoy!

  7. Amy Grant christmas album, now that brings back memories of my whole family decorating the tree to that music!!

  8. I love sending Christmas cards, absolutely LOVE it!! I love baking, I love decorating, I love picking the perfect presents for family and friends. Can’t wait to see baby Jonah and of course my baby niece (who is due to be born in 5 days!!!)!


  1. […] As I wrote a couple weeks ago, I made an Advent calendar for the kids. This is something that in and of itself stressed me out beyond belief because I had to make a PERFECT Advent calendar, but after a ridiculous amount of internet searching and at least three trips to the store, I made one. It didn’t turn out exactly how I had pictured it, but it’s cute and the kids love it. Because after all my anxiety over doing it right, I just did it and it worked out fine. […]

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