All I want for Christmas…

Is dog crap.

At least, that’s what Sam’s decided he wants. Not real dog crap – there’s plenty of that in the back yard that I haven’t noticed anyone clamoring for – but fun dog crap.

Doggie Doo, to be more exact.

To play, feed your Doggie and take him for a walk. When you squeeze his leash, he makes a gassy sound that gets louder and louder until…plop. The first to clean up after the dog three times wins!

Are you *&#$ing kidding me????

Silly, funny sounds add to the fun!
Kids will laugh and love the hilarious sounds the doggie makes as the food gets digested! Air pressure from the bone in the doggie’s mouth moves the yellow slime down the body of the dog and creates gassy sounds that will have everyone laughing out loud.

Everyone will be laughing out loud except me, who will be running to the bathroom to throw up. Who comes up with this crap??? (heh. crap.)

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  1. Owen really wants this too!! So disgusting- sorry O, not gonna happen!!

  2. As soon as my daughter saw this commerical she wanted to add it to her birthday/Christmas list. I asked why and she said “it looks fun”. My response was that I have to clean poop off her younger brother and sister and that she could help out anytime with the “fun”! Her response “No way that’s gross”. Not sure I see the difference 🙂

  3. That’s NASTY. Who gave this game the green light? GROSS! That’s way worse than Stompeez!

  4. This makes me glad my kids are weird and have asked for suspenders and a screwdriver.

  5. Gross! Like it’s not hard enough to teach your children what is appropriate and when and where it is appropriate – let’s make a game of it! Seriously, I remember my older brother being taught that passing gas and belching in front of ladies was not appropriate or polite.
    How about a game to teach kids manners or something?!

  6. similar to how we have disagreed on whether andy’s heroic dedication to his halloween costume by shaving his head was idiocy or genius, i disagree here, too. i think this game looks like fun! but then again, i have a little boy who has peed and pooped on me so many times in his 10 short months on this earth, i am worried i am starting to like it.

  7. This game is so gross and the commercial is RIDICULOUS!! So wrong!! 🙂

  8. Gag me now….

  9. It’s sad that I’m torn between how freaking gross it is and how it would keep the kiddos busy/entertained/outta my hair so I can get something done….. and I’m 110% sure Jason would love it, too. Haha!

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