So now that I’m traumatized, someone suggest a TV show to watch that is not so stressful.

How’s that for the longest blog post title ever?

You guys.

I cannot handle Breaking Bad.

You all must be wayyyyy braver than I am, because so many of you were all “Breaking Bad is awesome!” a few weeks ago, but Andy and I have watched like three or four episodes and I think I am done. I can’t handle the stress!!

And OMG people, there is a lot of blood.

As it turns out, there is a reason I only watch Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory – I am a wimp.

But I haven’t given up hope that Andy and I can find a show we can get into together (because I am not watching Battlestar Galactica or whatever it’s called with him) – I just need to find one that won’t increase my blood pressure.

So, where does that leave me? Any suggestions? Girls? Parks & Rec? 30 Rock? Sesame Street?

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  1. Have you watched “Once Upon A Time”? I love the show Merlin which is in its last season but you could watch from the beginning.

  2. Oh man. Apparently our husbands should watch tv together. Battle star is stressful too and the next thing you know, you’ll own a what the frack t shirt. Breaking bad is so stressful. Can’t do it either.

  3. The New Girl! Hi-larious.

  4. I already cast a vote before for Parks and Rec but I’ll do it again. Parks and Rec!

  5. This is somewhat of a girly show but guys might get into it, Drop Dead Diva. It is on netflix, totally silly but still endearing. Check it out!

  6. BBT is the only thing on TV that’s any good – in the comedy area. TLW is hooked on Criminal Minds. I always tell the kids if I turn UP missing to watch a couple of episodes for clues.


  7. If he likes scifi and you like funny then watch “The Neighbors”. You can find in on HULU. Too funny. The sarcasm drips from this show.

  8. Psych on USA. The new season starts this week- think Mentalist without the seriousness.

  9. I guess True Blood is out of the question for a recommendation then!

  10. I’ll join the pact with you! I’m sooo over this cold weather.

  11. shannon oelrich says:

    How I met your mother is the best.

  12. We started to watching Zero Hour.

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