NPR reminded me that I am not cool.

So yesterday I was listening to NPR (that’s not why I’m not cool. Listening to NPR is one of the only things I get cool points for), and there was a story on about how the new Must See TV shows all have main characters that are bad, but that they make you love.

I had no freaking clue what they were talking about. I have never seen ANY of the shows they were referencing.

Breaking Bad? Nope.

Weeds? Never heard of it.

Some new Kevin Spacey thing on Netflix that’s going to change the way we view television? My “recently watched” account is 100% animated content.

I can’t even remember the other shows that people are IN LOVE with because – once again – I am completely unfamiliar with them.

I don’t watch Girls, and I have zero interest in Downton Abbey (come on, even the spelling is pretentious. Cue the angry mobs with pitchforks).

I love me some Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, although sadly the most recent several episodes of each sit unwatched on my DVR (I am, however, completely caught up on “Teen Mom 2”).

But the NPR story made me want to get into something, so I don’t feel like a complete loser – but I’m not sure which show I should try.

Which is where you come in, people. Someone tell me what series I should get into! Preferably something Andy and I can enjoy together (he will not watch Teen Mom, sadly). Oh, and I hate violence and stress. And things without happy endings. And ESPECIALLY things without endings at all (I’m looking at you, Lost).

But other than that, I’m totally open!

So help me, friends. Make me cool! Or at least, you know, not utterly and completely clueless about post-1990s pop culture.

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  1. My husband made me start watching Breaking Bad. We are now totally caught up, thanks to Netflix. I thought I would hate it considering it’s about drugs and all that….but I LOVED it! Andy would for sure love it. You would think it would be violent and horrible, but it’s really not at all! (and seriously, there’s no ending to LOST?) We are halfway through the final season, and you **might** have just made me feel like I’ve wasted A WHOLE LOT of time!

  2. Girls. You should definitely watch Girls. (Breaking Bad is awesome, too).

    • I was kind of counting on you to back me up on Downton Abbey, but if you don’t want to out yourself, I guess that’s ok.

      • Hahaha… yeah, I am with you on it. Not into the period dramas! I’ll spend that extra hour watching my other favorites: New Girl, The Mindy Project, White Collar…

  3. DOWNTON. ABBEY. It’s awesome!

  4. Breaking Bad! Some of the episodes (esp the 1st) can be pretty graphic but it is so well written. Completely addicting for both Jeremy and I. It was our late night – get some wine/beer at home after the kids go to bed-relax on the couch time!

  5. OR you could just go rent Anchorman and Hot Rod and watch them over and over, alternating days of course.

  6. I’m watching West Wing reruns on Netflix. I am also uncool. Actually I’m even uncooler than you because I don’t even have the NPR listening to boost my coolness.

  7. Breaking Bad is awesome – and will be completely over this summer if that helps at all.
    We also really like Once Upon a Time and Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec is totally under-rated and the first season was kind of slow but it is seriously so hilarious.

  8. Well, if you want to feel cool in a NPR sort of way, then Downton Abbey is really the place to be. I think the main reason everyone posts about it on Facebook is because it makes them feel cultured and cool to be appreciating a period drama. I am a fan, though. It is really good. But I probably cannot help you because I think Lost was the best show that was ever on TV. Ever.

  9. I really enjoy Downton Abbey, but it took a bit to get into. Once Upon A Time is one of my Amorites, must record. Bones!!! Even hubs will watch and enjoy Bones with me.

  10. As soon as Carson brings me my tea, I’m finding my pitchfork!



  11. My husband does enjoy watching Downton Abbey with me, but we also like New Girl and Parenthood.

  12. shannon oelrich says:

    Oh I vote for Parenthood. That is the best show since ER. But maybe I am a geek too. I also have recently got into How I met your mother. Super funny makes me laugh every time. It is a lot like Friends if you liked that show.

  13. i’m disappointed michelle didn’t mention friday night lights… it’s on netflix (season 2 is a little off the rails, but still good enough to watch)

    and there’ sa great ending. it still makes me cry (just like parenthood)

  14. So the FNL comments also reminded me – I also DVR Nashville religiously. So good!

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