A Brush with Fame – the $5 Dinner Mom

Jenny and I would like to make an announcement.

We are famous. (By association.)

Because our good friend Erin? She is TOTALLY famous. Her face is on a cookbook that she wrote. Check it out.

5 dollar dinner mom

How cool is that?

Jenny and I already have our copies, and I was SUPER impressed with the cookbook (even though I knew it was going to be great, because Erin wrote it and Erin is great) – it was even better than I expected. The first few sections (after the acknowledgments in which she gives a shout out to the #bigdealmoms that caused me to tear up) are dedicated to helping the reader become a better shopper, and even though I consider myself fairly familiar with the couponing process (not because I actually use them the way I should, but because I spend so much time with Jenny and Andrea – I’ve taken it in through osmosis), I learned a lot. And then there’s also the nine bazillion recipes that allow readers to whip up delicious and nutritious meals for less than $5. Perhaps if I keep hanging out with Erin, her cooking skills will wear off on me as well.

Not likely.

In any case, we love Erin so much and are so proud of all she’s accomplished in the past whirlwind year. Not only did she write a book, she did it pregnant. She just had her third baby boy a few weeks ago. In her spare time, she planted and harvested a garden, did crazy things like made her own rice milk, cooked dinner every freaking night (which in and of itself is a miracle if you ask me), and kept up her famous blog. The girl is amazing.

Now she’s about to take off on her book-signing-talk-show-appearing-I-am-super-famous road show. In fact, her cookbook was featured on Good Morning America today! She was on Fox 45 in the Dayton area this morning as well. I told you she was amazing!

If you’d like your own copy, they’re available on Amazon for $10.11 (that is a steal I tell you!) and they’re also available Borders and Barnes and Noble and a bunch of other wonderful places. And if you do get a copy, you’re going to want to get it signed, because she’s famous! Her book signing schedule can be found here. If you’re in the greater Dayton area, don’t miss her appearance at Books and Co. at the Greene (otherwise known as my favorite place in the world) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12th. All of her groupies (aka the Big Deal Moms) will be there! Then you, too, can have a picture just like this one:
momminitup 5dollardinners
(Jenny “OMG I’m standing next to someone famous!” Rapson and Erin “Who is this weirdo next to me” Chase)

Also, Erin is giving away 10 copies of her book each day for the next two weeks! Click here for all the details.

In all seriousness, Jenny and I are so happy for the success Erin has had. And you know what? Her success has come from a true desire to help people live better. That is incredibly awesome. We are so thankful to know her, not because she’s famous (although that does make us feel pretty cool), but because she’s an amazing person and a wonderful friend.

Congratulations, Erin. This is just the beginning.

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  1. HAHAH! I do think we can really say that we are a big deal now, don’t you??! By association, like you said.

    I love all my #bigdealmoms. I might just hug you all when I see you – I’m feeling all Christmasey!

  2. Great to see a local gal go big-time! Of course, my only brushes with “fame” have been attending a seminar with Jenny at Panera Bread and seeing Emily on the sidewalk en route to her fav Mexican restaurant!

    The book signing sounds like lots of fun and more opportunities for me to rub elbows with local blogging celebrities.

  3. Yaye, Erin’s tour will be making a stop in Houston. I will definitely be there!!!

  4. Erin just rocks the webhouse! Love you girls!

  5. Yay for Erin! I love my #bigdealmom friends. Seeing you gals at Erin’s launch party was a great reminder of what great friends you are — and that we need to get together more often!

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