Summer Sickness

sick sam

I thought winter was the time for the stomach flu?

Not so much with my little man – he’s been hit hard with it in the past few days.

Yesterday, the poor little guy just could not keep anything down. He’s been puke-free for a solid 10 hours now, so we’re hoping it has passed (and not passed on to one of us…) but he was feeling so bad while it lasted. He couldn’t sleep (and so, you know, neither could we) because he could not get comfortable. I changed the sheets in two different beds at least three times last night. I’m running on coffee and adrenaline this morning. I’m going straight from work to Kate’s swim meet, which is at a pool infested with bugs and will last until at least 10pm and is 45 minutes away from our house.

Did I mention this is the busiest week of the year at work?

Wow, I’ve taken a post that was supposed to be about my sick baby and made it totally about me. That’s messed up! But I am feeling just a tad bit sorry for myself. At this very time last year, during said busiest work week of the year, I had a bone spicule in my gums that caused me excruciating pain for about a week and a half. That, on top of the stress at work, is what started my downhill spiral into adrenal fatigue. I am very, very nervous about the lack of sleep, busy schedule, and stress level that’s becoming a reality this week.

I am stressing myself out about potential stress. That’s really going to help.

Calgon, take me away.

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  1. So sorry for both of you Sweeties.

  2. I get it – I have started to stress out over the whole summer in general and all the schedule changes and conflicts and shit to do and it is all about me and my need for sleep and exercise and peace and whatever else.

  3. Uggghhh. Sorry cousin. I wish I could help!


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