Sunday shopping

Guess what? I am capable of keeping a resolution for one whole week, at least! I DID indeed go couponing again this weekend. Wee-hoo! We really needed paper towels, and I had $15 worth of Extra Care Bucks left to spend at CVS from my last couple weeks of shopping. So, I whipped out my CVS ad and coupons to see what kind of deal I could come up with. Here’s what I got:

12 pack Scott paper towels  $9.99 (not exactly my luxury VIVA paper towels, but desperate times…)

Huggies jumbo pack $9.49

Luvs jumbo pack $7.99

Huggies wipes refill $5.99

Two clearance packs of bows $1.98

Total = $35.44


-$3 Huggies jumbo pack printable coupon

-$1.50 Luvs jumbo pack coupon

-$1 Huggies wipes printable coupon

-$15.00 Extra Care Bucks

= $14.94 + $2.66 tax = $17.60 and I got back a $10 CVS gift card for buying the diapers, wipes, and paper towels.

So my net cost was $7.60 for all that! I should note that even though I bought two packs of diapers, I didn’t need them. We are way stocked up on diapers (especially now). BUT, I bought them anyway because I had great coupons for them and they went along with the paper towels, which I did need, to get me that $10 CVS gift card back. And obviously, I WILL use them! That’s the way to save – buy it when it’s on the cheap, whether you need it or not (as long as you will use it eventually).

Who knows what I’ll get with my CVS gift card next week? Stay tuned!

Did you go coupon shopping this week?

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  1. Yay, for getting back to couponing! Ooh, I love the gift card deal–gift cards don’t expire… Diapers make good additions to baby gifts, and I can always use wipes and paper towels! Here’s to another week couponing–you can do it! It’ll make you feel good. 🙂

  2. I went to the store on Sunday, no coupons. One bag, $26.00!


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