Slightly Obsessed

With sweet potatoes. I am obsessed with sweet potatoes – this is a new low.

But they’re not just any sweet potatoes, they are the Pioneer Woman’s Soul Sweet ‘Taters and they are quite possibly the best things I’ve ever made.

Photo from the Pioneer Woman on Flickr

A delicious concoction of sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, vanilla, brown sugar, sugar, pecans, butter, flour, and salt.


Make them for Christmas, you will not regret it. I know, I know, you don’t like sweet potatoes. Well, friends, these are not your grandma’s syrupy, marshmallow-laden canned yams. They are heaven on a plate.

Make them. And then invite me over.

And while you’re at it, whip up some of these pumpkin pie cupcakes:

Photo from Une-deux senses

White cupcakes with a graham cracker crust, iced with pumpkin pie. Yum. My I-don’t-like-sweet-stuff diabetic husband ate four.

It’s no wonder I gained 40 pounds this weekend.

Did you discover any amazing recipes this Thanksgiving? If so, share them in the comments!

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  1. Those taters sound like the ones Beth makes, which are aweeee-some. For Sophie’s thanksgiving feast at school, I made some with butter, brown sugar, cream, and maple syrup that were quite delectable!

  2. burns, we have covered this extensively by text message. sweet potatoes are gross.

    • unless they are fried in fry or chip form. then they are delicious.

      • I’m telling you, you would like these. Need I remind you of the other ingredients: milk, eggs, vanilla, brown sugar, sugar, pecans, butter, flour, and salt.


        • still gross.

          admittedly, my palate might not be the best judge of things lately. i have never really liked sweet potatoes and the only things i have any desire to eat these days is a bowl of cereal with bananas in it or a mcdonald’s 2 cheeseburger value meal with orange Hi-C. i am the picture of health.

          • Gina – you and I can be friends now. Sweet potatoes are gross. Finally someone agrees with me.

  3. I do like the sweet potatoes Jenny made at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago while we were in VA. But, frankly my dear, I’d rather just have plain old potatoes!


  4. Mmmmm! I love those sweet potatoes! My recipe is a little bit simpler with no eggs and no milk, but same casserole basically. They are a crowd pleaser and I get stuck making them every year! I also can’t live without my grandma’s green bean casserole. This is a different recipe from the tradional cream of mushroom soup topped with French’s onions. It is a delicious blend of french style green beans, sour cream and swiss cheese topped with crushed cornflakes and butter. I cannot tell you how delicious it is! I crave it every year! Here is a similar recipe online Good luck with your Thanksgiving preparations!

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