Deja Vu All Over Again

So my big kids went to school 3 days this week. I consider that a win! Because Jonah only went ONE day this week…which is exactly how many days he went this same week last year. It was his first week of preschool EVER, and I cannot even express how much that STRESSED me out! Although you can read about it if you want to go down memory lane.

Jonah and me working hard - me w/ my laptop and him with his Leap Frog writing toy which he ADORES.

Jonah and me working hard – me w/ my laptop and him with his Leap Frog writing toy which he ADORES.

This year it also stressed me out, because well, not only was I dying for him to get back to his routine, having a job and having him home every day really complicates things! I get about 3 hours a day, 4 days a week to workworkwork or solo grocery shop or clean house (gotta tidy up for the sitter on Mondays and Wednesdays at least!) and not having that this week was difficult  - primarily because since we were just coming off Christmas break – I hadn’t had it for two weeks!!  Plus, speech therapy was also cancelled which stresses me because he had been off that for two weeks because of the holiday, TOO! And you guys know how I feel about my kids’ therapy. It is 30 minutes a week when the pressure is off me a little bit. (See the “Jenny is neurotic” category.)

But, I survived. We were all safe and warm. No two-hour delays, which mess me up WORSE than school being cancelled. I got to wear stretchy pants and my fuzzy bathrobe more than usual and surprisingly, was able to keep up with my no-sugar cleanse. Even though I really miss it. And cheese, DANG I MISS CHEESE!!! (But I’ve lost 4 lbs in 5 days. Woot. Which I feel I deserve because the sugar withdrawal headaches I had for the first three days were VICIOUS.)

And I think I got enough work done to not get fired, too. Knock on wood!

But Old Man Winter, Queen Elsa, or Mother Nature,  PLEASE get back to better behavior next week or this might come to blows. I will put on my thinsulate-lined boxing gloves and get in the ring with your icy @$$ because I don’t think I can keep this UP for too much longer. I’m only human. And I’m not as good a human as most people, as we all know! Take some Xanax and sit by your happy light and WARM UP (don’t chill out, I beg you) so we can all get back in the swing of things.

How was your first week “back to normal” after the holidays??

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2014 – It’s been a weird year.

I’ve been trying to determine what kind of year 2014 has been for us, and overall I’d say it’s just been kind of weird.

The thing that sticks out most in my mind is our medical mishaps. Kate had tests, tests, and more tests, but never really received a diagnosis. Andy finally got treatment for the back problems he was having, and while we were not thrilled to hear he has an autoimmune form of arthritis, the medication he was put on has improved his life tremendously. I was diagnosed with a big tongue, which led to me getting braces. And then there was that thing with my ovaries a couple weeks ago.

Yeah, I’d say “Weird” pretty much sums it up.

Honestly, I have a hard time remembering the rest of the year.

But, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, Facebook told me it’s been a great year… and in many ways, it was right!

I read a lot of books and saw a few movies. The kids turned 6 and 10 and had a blast on the swim team. We vacationed in Nashville and Northern Michigan, and celebrated my brother-in-law’s wedding in Chicago. Spreadsheet Thanksgiving was a success, and Santa was good to them.

We are all happy and healthy and together. I would say that makes 2014 pretty great.

Here’s to an even better (and maybe slightly less weird) 2015!

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New Features on DISH’s Hopper

Our family has been enjoying DISH for a while now, and I have to say that it’s the best television service we’ve ever had. There are SO MANY features on it, especially on the Hopper DVR, that we haven’t even used them all!

This week they’ve rolled out new software with three new features that I want to share with you.

First, Watch From the Beginning.

dish watch_from_beginning

This might be the best thing that’s happened to televisions since the remote control. The name pretty much says it all – you can watch a show from the beginning, even if you turned the tv on when the show was halfway over.

Game changer.

Secondly, Binge-Watching Made Easier.

dish Binge_watching_1_0

Now, I am not the binge watcher in our household, but there are a couple of them who live with me. Not naming any names, but they rhyme with Handy and Late. Hopper’s new feature will make their habits even easier, because now when they finish watching a DVR’d or on-demand episode, a pop up screen will show four subsequent episodes in the series that are available. “Just one more…”

Finally, Closed Captioning can now be turned on with the touch of a button.

dish CC_captioning

CC is generally hidden somewhere in the settings menu, making it a challenge to remember how to turn it off and on. Now, all we have to do is press the green button on our Hopper remote.

For more information on DISH and Hopper, visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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