School Daze

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I’ve made no secret around here about the fact that I love it when my kids are in school. We all just function more happily when we are on a school schedule. This is especially true now that I have a job. I have no idea how we are going to survive next summer with me working. Yee-ikes. I need to find a pool we can join that has outdoor wi-fi. (Ideas, anyone local?)

Anyway! Jonah is going to the same preschool he did last year, in the same program where he will also get speech and has an IEP and all that. He has the same teachers (who were also Sophie’s teachers) and we LOVE them and the program.

But. This year there is a “but”.

This year his school, which is a PreK-6 public elementary, changed their hours to 7:30-2. So his preschool class is 7:30-10:15 a.m.

And it is brutal for us in the morning.

Jonah’s not a particularly late sleeper, but he is NEVER awake when I go to pry him out of bed at 6:40 or so. He cries and does not want to get up, and I can’t blame him. I feel the same way, but I am a grown up so I have to suck it up and get up early. Also, we have to be out the door by 7:15 which means Bobby and the big kids can NOT be running late, because they have to get out of our way in the driveway. So we all leave basically at the same time and it’s pretty chaotic. With me working, I don’t want to waste his at-school time on my shower/makeup, so I have been showering at night and slapping on as much makeup as I can before we get out the door so I can work really hard for the 2.5 hours between when I drop him and when I have to leave the house to pick him up.

I really, really, really miss last year’s 9:10-11:55 time slot! I could put him in afternoon preschool but that would totally screw up my babysitting/work schedule, so it has to be morning.

So we are all going to have to suck it up. But I sure miss my cheerful morning boy. Every morning is a trial. I am actually relieved on Friday when he doesn’t go to school, because at least that is a morning off from stress (it’s also a morning off from getting any work done, of course.)

So yeah. That’s what’s happening. It’s worth it for him to have his beloved teachers, it really is. But I can only hope as the weeks go by he gets well-adjusted. He certainly is not there yet. I am sure it will happen JUST in time for Thanksgiving break. :)

How’s your school year going so far?

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Johnson & Johnson Safety Promise

This post is sponsored as a part of a campaign for Johnson’s Baby with

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is a staple of childhood, and has been for… well, as long as I can remember. I have a distinct memory of my mom washing my hair in the kitchen sink, and making bubbles fly out of the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo bottle.

I bet the scent of it brings back memories for almost every person in the country!

But remember when there was all that controversy over their ingredients? Johnson’s heard the concerns of parents and family members, and removed those ingredients from the products. Check out the video above – it’s a demonstration of the company’s impressive commitment to customer satisfaction, but it also made me think about the promises between parents and children.

I remember my mom promising me that she and my dad would never get divorced. I must have somehow learned what the word meant, and she must have wanted to alleviate any concerns. I remember how safe that promise made me feel, and had they had the opportunity, I’m certain they would have upheld it.

Tonight I asked Kate what kind of promises I’ve made to her. She immediately reminded me of one that I had completely forgotten. She was in third grade and was about to take the big standardized test that determined her entrance into fourth grade. She was beside herself with worry – she was convinced that the test was so important that President Obama himself was going to grade it. Now, a couple years later, she remembered me telling her “I promise you that you’re going to pass this test!” Now, that was an easy promise for me to make and keep, as Kate’s a great student, but it obviously meant something to her to hear me say those words.

What promises have you made your children?

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You must be feeling good

Jonah has recently had a language explosion of sorts (better late than never? YES!) and he’s finally starting to, not exactly converse,  but at least be more conversational. He will also tell you what he wants. All. Day. Long. We’ve been going to the pool a lot lately (must get our money’s worth!) but today after speech I just needed to stay home, because I’ve been a rather “fun mom” for several days in a row, including taking the big kids to do fun stuff in the morning while Jonah is in summer school. And I just needed to be home to get some crap done, ya know?

So  of course, Jonah said, “I wanna go to the pool and go swimming.” and “I gotta go swimming!” and “I gotta go to the pool.” about 679 times this afternoon. He also put his shoes and socks on and said “I wanna go bye bye!” and I said “Where do you want to go?” and he said “I wanna go to the pool!” I promised him we will go tomorrow (unless it rains).

But anyway. Before all this communication about the POOL, we were at speech therapy, and he did a pretty good job cooperating. When we were done, he said to his SLP, “Bye, see you next week!” Then he went to the top of the stairs and said, “I’m going downstairs now, Mom.”

Kristen, his SLP, looked at me and said, “Wow, Jenny. You must be feeling…you must really be feeling good about him!”

And I almost didn’t know what to say back. Because the truth is I have a hard time letting myself feel good and encouraged. I am not sure why, but maybe it’s because I know there is so much work left to do still and I don’t want to allow myself to slack off or let him get off pace. So when she looked at me and said that and I saw on her face such an expression of happiness, I let go a little bit. I let myself feel it. I smiled back and said, “Yes, I am. I am feeling really good.” And I realized it was true.

I am so proud of my boy, proud of what we’ve done together. I can honestly say I wish there was no more work to do, but just seeing him make progress like this lately helps me know that we will get there.

Just now I was letting him watch a Laurie Berkner video on my phone (look, I get desperate around bedtime, ok?) and without prompting or anything, he looked up at me about halfway through and said “I’m watching a video!” Earlier during our “Mommy-Jonah” time that we do at home to work on speech, he volunteered the information, “I’m having fun!” Those are both new things I’ve not heard him say until this week – and it’s awesome!

So yes. I am feeling good about my boy. And I am trying to just really let myself feel it and enjoy it. Progress, we are a-makin’ it! And it. feels. good.

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