Separation anxiety, and stuff.

Pick me up!! You can't resist this smile!

This is my darling baby guy.  At 16 months he is walking all over the place, picking up speed.

He could pick up a lot more speed if he would freaking detach himself from my leg.

You guys.  I am blowin’ town for four days, just ten days from now.  For the past three weeks Jonah has been all over me like white on rice.  He wants to nurse  I exaggerate not at all.  He’ll play for 10 or 15 minutes and come back for more.  At his most content, he’ll just toddle over and rub his face all over whatever part of me he can reach before he returns to play.

It’s driving me cray-zee.  I’m worried he’ll lose his  mind while I’m gone.  I’m worried I’ll lose mine before I go.  I’m worried that I’ll worry about him the whole time I’m there.

I wish he would wean, but he wants to nurse now more than ever.  Growth spurt?  Developmental change?  Secret plan to drive me to the brink of sanity as punishment for my plans to travel to sunny Miami without him?

I love my baby boy, so much.  I love playing with him, I love snuggling with him, tickling him, singing our silly songs.  I love love love him.

I do not love this stage he’s in.

I hope we both make it through the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Talk to Grandma, she’ll make ya feel better.


  2. You are magic…just rubbing up against you gives him the energy to go exploring again. Giving all of that takes something out of a mom.

  3. The baby Whisperer suggestions telling a kid that wants to nurse, “no more boobies. Boobies have gone bye bye” which I think is hilarious.

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