Can’t catch a break

So, last week, we had a good week in this house. It was Joshua’s birthday! And we partied! And I had tons of appointments. And everything went smoothly, including Joshua’s sleepover on Friday night and Sophie’s inaugural cousins sleepover at Emily’s with Kate.

But the week  before that…was horrible. Monday the kids had school off for MLK Jr. Day and they had spent the night at my parents. When I was on my way to get them, Sophie began puking at their house. And did about every 45 minutes for the next 10 hours.

Let's just say all that puking wore her out

Let’s just say all that puking wore her out

Oh wait! Let me back up and say, on Sunday night, while the big kids were spending the night at my parents, BOBBY got sick. My poor husband. It started with him. And he puked all night, slept til 11, and then got up and went to work because of course, he is out of vacation days (they turn over in March) and gets no “sick time”. Poor man.

So anyhoo, he and Sophie had the same thing apparently.Tuesday she didn’t throw up any more but she wasn’t well.

Upchucking every 45 minutes all day will tucker a kid out

At least this looks more comfortable

Wednesday she was well and back to school! HURRAH!

Wednesday night Joshua threw up all over his bed.

I managed not to get any pictures of him. Maybe because he only puked the once.

Sophie went to school Thursday and Joshua stayed home. But he never did throw up again.

BUT!!!  Thursday night, SOPHIE (are you getting confused yet?) puked all over her bed.

Friday they had a snow day. Sophie was a bit peaked but never did throw up again. Joshua was fine.

Until the middle of the night Friday night when he…PUKED ALL OVER HIS BED!

At this point, many midnight showers have been given, scores of laundry loads have been done, and literally hundreds of fishing cuss words have been said under my breath.

Saturday, all was calm.

Sunday, we went ahead with Joshua’s birthday party, but we moved the location to my parent’s house. It was great.

It led to a great week.

Which is why, I shouldn’t have been surprised this morning when Sophie woke me up at 5 a.m. to tell me that she had puked.

But bonus, people: SHE MADE IT TO THE TOILET! This week is already starting off on a positive note.

Except she also has diarrhea. Wheeee! And a rash all over her back, stomach, and neck. Bonus!

Happy Monday from Sophie. And her barf bowl.

Happy Monday from Sophie. And her barf bowl.

Happy Monday everybody! And you might want to keep your distance.

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  1. I don’t think my kids have been healthy for more than a two day stretch in…. Oh three months. Plus there is teething. Plus, as soon as I get little man ferberized, he gets sick and it messes it all up again. I think Im complaining a lot because I keep being told “yeah, but they are worth it!” To which I want to say kiss my puke covered shirt.

  2. I thought we had made it through the junk season until Thursday night Julia woke up barfing…and today, Seth has set a new Ennis family record of 9 hurls in 4 hours. Hang in there. Spring is coming 🙂


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