A Frigidaire Love Story

Perhaps you may have read that on Friday that Frigidaire announced that 40 lucky bloggers were going to be the proud recipients of Frigidaire appliances. Woohoo! Free refrigerators and washers and dryers for everyone!

Um, well, ok, not everyone. Sadly, Emily and I were not cool enough to be chosen to be a part of Team Frigidaire (though some of our friends were! Congrats!)

Frigidaire, I think we speak for the entire blogosphere when we say, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” I mean, come on. We are undeniably fabulous and also would love new appliances. You missed the boat on this one, dudes.

But as much as we would have LOVED to have been chosen for this campaign, we can’t hold a grudge against you. Because you see, Frigidaire, if it weren’t for you, Emily and I wouldn’t be here.

Grandpa was a sailor

In 1946, after our grandfather Laton came home from fighting in the Pacific in World War II, he returned to his home in Eastern Kentucky and married his high school sweetheart, Kathleen. In 1947 they had my mother Diane, and in 1948 (*ahem*11monthslater*ahem*) they had Emily’s dad, Dan. In the hills of Eastern Kentucky where they had grown up, there was not any real opportunity for my grandparents to make a living. So in 1950, our grandfather and his young family came to Dayton, Ohio, where there were jobs, to start a new life. And, like his older brother who had come some months before, and like his younger brother would soon after, our grandfather took a job at the booming Dayton plant of a company called Frigidaire.

He and my grandmother and their two toddlers settled in the nearby little town of Germantown, Ohio, where eventually my mom met and fell in love with my dad, and Emily’s dad met and fell in love with her mom.

Our grandfather worked at Frigidaire until 1970, when he died of a heart attack at age 44 (sadly, about three weeks before Em’s parents got married. My mother was pregnant with my oldest brother at the time.) Emily and I never met him, but we sure are glad he had the courage to come to Dayton and start a new life as a young man. Because if he hadn’t? Our parents would never have met their spouses, Emily and I wouldn’t be here – and – tragedy of tragedies – you wouldn’t be reading this blog! {Shudder!}

But seriously, our grandfather’s employment at Frigidaire is nothing if not the model for the post-war American dream. He was a boy from the holler, who wasn’t even able to finish high school because he went off to fight for our country, but in no small part because he pursued opportunity, both of his children and all five of his grandchildren are college graduates.

Now perhaps you know from reading this blog that I am the sentimental sort. And you definitely know that I am the FRUGAL sort – so fortunately, when buying appliances for our home when we moved in eight years ago, sentimentality and frugality aligned perfectly, and as an ode to my grandfather, Bobby and I chose these:





Yesterday as Emily and I and our families gathered at our grandma’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day, we couldn’t help but notice that Grandma has retained some Frigidaire loyalty as well. Her fridge is old-school but still hanging in there!


So Frigidaire, you may not have given us shiny new flippin’ awesome appliances to blog about, but that’s all right, because in a way, you gave us something better:

Each other:

Friday nite cocktail par-tay!

Not to mention these little boogers:


sophie loves to swing


So thanks, Frigidaire. Really, the WORLD owes you thanks. Cause let’s face it, our kids are pretty awesome.

(And so are we. So call us, mmkay?)

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  1. LOL! You are the best begger ever!

  2. I LOVE IT.

    Brought tears to my eyes, I’m not kidding.

  3. Aww, sweet!!

    My hubby and I went around the house after realizing so many bloggers were getting new Frigidaire stuff and realized we have all Frigidaire too! Except our range. And microwave. But out fridge, washer/dryer and dishwasher are! I’d so have dug that new dishwasher. I bought ours for $50 from a friend when she upgraded. Yea. It’s not so great.

  4. so cute!

  5. How cool, girls! I love love love the old pictures! Well, even if they don’t let you join the bloggy-frigidaire-team…maybe you could be the new spokesmoms! Yowsa!

  6. Ha! I love this! I’m not cool enough either, but YOU have an awesome story! They should totally make it 41!

  7. awwww! Your blog is totally cool enough to be on the Frigidaire team!

  8. Audrey - Mom Generations says:

    This brought tears to my eyes… OMG! I loved this post. I love a good love story… and I love how Frigidaire ties in. This is so special. Thanks for sharing this. xo

  9. How cool!! You not being picked at least made for a super cute post:)

  10. Hilarious. You crack me up.

  11. you two are too cute!

    and OH! my uterus aches after seein those cute kiddos. gah.

  12. i’d TOTALLY give you a frigidaire.

  13. If I had a Frigidaire to give you, I’d keep it. But I’d think of you while using it, how’s that?

  14. Oh my goodness, if only you’d known that you needed to post this sooner – so Frigidaire would have known the depths of your ALREADY EXISTING love for them! πŸ˜‰

  15. Awww…sweet story! And, they should totally make it 41 – tell them, you’ll split the appliances between the two of ya!!

  16. I can’t believe this. An appliance is making me go awww. Great story!

  17. Charlie says:

    Great post. It makes me want to go buy something Frigidaire. I have thought many times how things “worked” out so that I could find your mother. I think we both know WHO arranged these events.

  18. LOVE IT!! πŸ˜‰

  19. Aww, I like your dad’s comment even better than the post… sorry Jen!

  20. I have no doubt *they* have gotten wind of this post!

    Beautifully written dear!

  21. Your dad is the CUTEST. I, too, owe my existence to Frigidaire, where my grandfather worked for something like 40 years. And how have I shown my loyalty? By purchasing Whirlpool appliances . . . go figure.

  22. Love it love it love it.
    You girls are lucky indeed to have each other and such great families.
    I think I owe some WV coal mines some love now…

  23. I wasn’t chosen either. But it sounds as though you sure should have!

  24. Aww, love it! I wasn’t chosen either (sigh), but I can’t believe that you guys weren’t!

  25. Oh and by the way – we have the exact same washing machine that you do. πŸ˜‰

  26. helen crane says:

    I’ve been searching for pictures of frigidaire appliancs. My parents had pink range fridge and washer from the fifties. Im thinking 1958 i was only 5 yrs old. My dad sold appliances for a living and its soo cool to hear these stories. HC


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