This week can suck it.

So let me describe the week we’ve had in our house.

Sunday night, the dog bites Kate and busts up her lip.

Monday, Andy and Kate stay home and he takes her to the doctor for some anti-dog-cootie-biotics. Stay tuned for the complete story on that next week.

Monday night Sam throws up. (I mentioned that he did so in our bed, right? Just making sure.)

Tuesday, I stay home with Sam, and he continues to throw up incessantly. In our bed, in his bed, on our couch, on our carpet, you name it. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Wednesday, we get a crap ton of snow, so Andy and Kate have a snow day. I attempt to go to work but can’t see the actual road so I turn back. Sam continues to puke incessantly.

Thursday, I stay home again with Sam. I am starting to forget what my office looks like and I fear they are finding that I am in face dispensable. Sam continues to throw up – if anything, it’s worse and not better. Mid-afternoon I call the doc to know what signs of dehydration to look for. Sam continues to get worse, can’t keep anything down, and just lays on the couch listlessly. We finally get a few tablespoons of gatorade in him and he starts to perk up. A few hours and a lot of tablespoons later, he’s asking for something to eat. Miraculously, he keeps it all down.

However, when I go get Kate for dinner, she is sound asleep. At 7 pm. I know this doesn’t bode well.

I return to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and the effing DOG throws up all over the kitchen floor.

At midnight, Kate throws up all over her bed.

That brings us to this morning. Sam’s finally doing better, but Kate’s got it full force now. Andy’s staying home with both of them so I can at last make an appearance at work, and we are both so tired we hardly know our own names.

It could be worse, I know. It’s only a stomach bug. And, you know, a dog bite. But my kids, my husband, my washer and I are WORN OUT. This week has SUCKED.

Next week has GOT to be better, right?

Or not.

Over/under on when this bug hits Andy and me?

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  1. I blame Jenny and Soph… or Joshua for having to have an epic boy slumber party. Well, I’m pretty sure they had nothing to do with the dog biting Kate.

  2. Bobby got it first when we had it a few weeks ago. I managed to resist somehow and I pray you and Andy will also!! 🙁 It is the most exhausting, nerve-wracking thing ever.

  3. I will race you to the sick bed when I get it from cleaning up after Gavin barfed everywhere. Being a mom is so stinking glamorous. Hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

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