Johnson & Johnson Safety Promise

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Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is a staple of childhood, and has been for… well, as long as I can remember. I have a distinct memory of my mom washing my hair in the kitchen sink, and making bubbles fly out of the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo bottle.

I bet the scent of it brings back memories for almost every person in the country!

But remember when there was all that controversy over their ingredients? Johnson’s heard the concerns of parents and family members, and removed those ingredients from the products. Check out the video above – it’s a demonstration of the company’s impressive commitment to customer satisfaction, but it also made me think about the promises between parents and children.

I remember my mom promising me that she and my dad would never get divorced. I must have somehow learned what the word meant, and she must have wanted to alleviate any concerns. I remember how safe that promise made me feel, and had they had the opportunity, I’m certain they would have upheld it.

Tonight I asked Kate what kind of promises I’ve made to her. She immediately reminded me of one that I had completely forgotten. She was in third grade and was about to take the big standardized test that determined her entrance into fourth grade. She was beside herself with worry – she was convinced that the test was so important that President Obama himself was going to grade it. Now, a couple years later, she remembered me telling her “I promise you that you’re going to pass this test!” Now, that was an easy promise for me to make and keep, as Kate’s a great student, but it obviously meant something to her to hear me say those words.

What promises have you made your children?

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  1. I also remember my mom promising me my parents would never get divorced, and I have made the same promise to my older two. (Sorry, Jonah. KIDDING!) I’ve also promised them both that there is nothing they could ever do to make me stop loving them. That’s all I can think of at the moment…I’m sure there are more.

  2. I remember that promise,too, Jenny. I know that Emily is correct about her parents…a real love match.

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