I officially give up

So a few days ago I wrote how my family keeps getting sick and we can’t catch a break and it’s totally HORRIBLE.

And then last week both big kids went to school on Thursday and Friday! And we had a good weekend! And they both even returned to school on Monday! Five glorious days of wellness.

And then yesterday, Tuesday, the big kids headed off to school again.

Jonah has been “sleeping in” since the time change, so he wasn’t awake when Bobby and the big kids left. After I heard him wake up, I opened the door to get my sweet  baby boy…and was greeted by the unmistakable odor of vomit mixed with diarrhea. And so much more, but I’ll do you a big fave and not describe it all for you. A lot of laundry and a bath (and he HATES his bath) ensued. Good times. And by good I mean bad.

And then of course 30 minutes after coming home from school, Sophie, who just finished her FISHING antibiotic yesterday, blew chunks with the force of 10 men. Puke-o-rama. Sophie has now been sick 3 times in 4 weeks.

I am not amused. Well, I wasn’t. Until Emily and I shared this series of text messages.


Then I was slightly amused. But soon I went back to being completely unamused and just plain pissed off that I’ve spent most of 2013 with a sore back or sick children or both.

I swear we are clean, hygenic people. I don’t know why we can’t fight off these illnesses. Tonight I went out and bought the kids probiotics – any other advice?

I’m thinking running away to somewhere tropical is my best bet right now.

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  1. Parenthood – like a day at Disney!


  2. I am RIGHT. there. with ya. ever since Christmas we have had one illness after another – oh, and I had baby #4, you know, there was also that. We had what I thought was the WORST stomach flu ever right at Christmas and it lasted two whole weeks. Then after a month of wheezing respiratory crap, we got the stomach flu AGAIN and it is even worse than the last one. We saw our pediatrician this time (We live in central Ohio) and he said that gastroentitis is super strong and lasting forever this year. And there’s nothing they can do to relieve the symptoms. Great. So yeah…I’m currently waiting for my kids to wake up to see if anyone can go to school today.


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