Don’t trip on your lip

We have had kind of a rough week this week. Sophie was sick and missed school Monday and Tuesday (after being off Thursday and Friday last week for teacher in-service, of course), and by yesterday Jonah had caught her cold and is now coughing his head off in full-force. Sads. :/ But the real trauma came on Wednesday afternoon, Sophie’s first day back to school in a week. I had just arrived home from a doctor’s appointment for my variety of unsettling aches and pains (a CAT scan reveals I’m not dying – yay!) when my phone rang at 2:10.

“Mrs. Rapson? This is the school nurse. I’ve got Sophie in the clinic here. She tripped and fell on the way in from recess and has a pretty bad fat lip. I wanted to warn you so you won’t be alarmed.”

Sophie gets out of school at 2:45, so at that point there was no way I could’ve gotten to her before the carpool mom did, so after the nurse reassured me that she was fine and a “trooper”, I waited for her to get home. I expected a girl with a dramatic story and a puffy lip. I did NOT expect THIS:

Sophie 0, Sidewalk 1.

OhmahGOSH!!! My poor baby! I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I couldn’t believe it didn’t need stitches (the nurse assured me it did not.) I couldn’t believe all her teeth were intact.  Praise the Lord, her teeth and gums were fine.

So. We iced it as much as she could stand Wednesday night, and put her to bed confident it would look much better in the morning.

Except it did NOT look better in the morning. I was pretty freaked! I decided to keep her home from school…again…so we could ice it, disinfect it, and just keep an eye on it. I checked her gums and teeth again just to be sure everything was still intact. I couldn’t believe how bad it still looked!

Fortunately, after lots of ice, cold drinks, and food cut up into tiny bits, it did improve. This morning she was all ready for school, looking like this:

No, she’s not a hipster. That’s a bruise, not a mustache.

She was really excited to get back to her friends! And to be wearing this season’s hot new shade of lip gloss, “Neosporin Spring”.

I guess maybe this injury was well-timed…I’ve been blazing through season 4 of “Toddlers and Tiaras” on Netflix and the idea of a full-glitz Sophie was starting to get appealing. Oh well, I guess the fake teeth, hair piece, and spray tan will have to wait until her lip heals!

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  1. Poor girl!!! That is just awful.

  2. It is quite sad that sweet Sophie has a fat lip, but alas, Goldie Hawn and Melanie Griffith paid to have lips like that!


  3. I had to stop and think about who you were talking about when you said “Mrs. Rapson.” I don’t think I have ever actually heard anyone call you that. So strange.

    Oh yeah, and sorry about Sophie. 🙂

  4. shannon oelrich says:

    When I was in school, maybe about 9 or so, I ran headfirst into another girl at church and got the hugest black eye ever. It was almost healed and I was standing in line at school at the end of the day and the girl in front of me turned and the corner of her huge back pack hit me in the eye. Got super black again. I think that black eye lasted like 3 month. It was terrible. But then again it must not have been so bad because I really dont remember anything about it except how it happened. Glad she is a trooper about it.

  5. Oh, poor little sweet thing! Gotta say, with the swollen lip she bears a striking resemblance to a young Meg Ryan now. 😉

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