I Heart Kroger and other stories

Ok, so I was a total CVS slacker AGAIN this week! I only went ONCE for myself and once for my BFF Luanne. Here’s what I got for me. It was kind of a weird transaction which I only did to make $$ and because we needed milk:

CVS - made 2 bucks on this. HOLLA!

Milk $2.99
10 Icebreakers gum $10
Crest $3.49
Total = 16.48
CVS $3/$15
Five $1/2 Icebreakers manufacturer q’s
$1/3 Icebreakers gum CRT
$1 off Crest manu q
Total = $6.48

I can’t find my receipt, but I paid with 6 ECB and some change and got back 8.49 ECB! 5 for the gum and 3.49 for the toothpaste. YAY!

My BIG coupon excitement of the week was at Kroger. They were having a big 10 item Mega-Event, where if you bought 10 qualifying items (there were many to choose from) you got $5 off your order. You could do this 3 times per transaction. So, I got all this:
Kroger $28.19

for $28.91!!!! My total before coupons and the Kroger promo was $78.08! That’s almost 50 bucks I saved, and Kroger says with my plus card I saved over $87. OOT OOT! I was very excited to get some of the things (ice cream and icing) I will need for Sophie’s birthday party, plus things we use all the time (ADVIL! Peanut Butter!), all the other groceries we needed for the week and some fun items (Toaster Strudel! Glade Scented Oil Candles!) for such a bargain. I came in way under budget, as this was the only grocery shopping I did this week since we are well stocked on everything else. YAY and thank you Lord!

Well that is all for me this week. Hopefully CVS will have some more sweet deals next week and I will get off my butt and get them! For more great money saving adventures, check out The Centsible Sawyer and Money Saving Mom!

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  1. I see boxtops!

  2. you’re my hero!

  3. I made a Kroger run just tonight. Had three kids in tow, so I may do some more coupon “homework” and go again tomorrow. I did get 10 items for 8 bucks. Not too shabby.

  4. OK. I might be the only one, but I’ve been reading you for a while and have been pretending to know what CRT and ECB stand for. I can’t fake it anymore and I’m outing myself…… what do they mean???

  5. ECB is Extra Cash Back, something you can earn at CVS and it is redeemed just liked cash. $3 ECB equals $3 off your next bill!
    I don’t know what CRT means either!

  6. CRT means Cash Register Tape!

  7. I cashed in on that Kroger deal once this week, too. 🙂 Nice!

  8. I used the ten item deal to get Glaceau vitamin water. They are normally 1.29-1.39 or so, but were on sale 10 for $10 and qualified for the $5 discount. So basically, I got 10 bottles for $5 (or 50 cents each.) I put them in my lunch for work or picnics, etc., and they taste pretty good.

  9. I love it when Kroger does the $5 off when you buy 10 items in the promo. With coupons I always end up getting so much free stuff. I walked out with $150 worth of groceries for $51 this week! Wahoo!

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