If I could go back in time and punch myself in the face, I would

For all my pontificating about baby names, I sure did screw up my daughter’s.

Growing up, like a full fifty percent of my peers, with the name or nickname “Jenny” – I know that it’s very annoying to have the exact same name as everybodyelseintheuniverse.

This morning my sister-in-law sent me this link to the Huffington Post on Facebook (via NickMom):

Granted, Sophie is six years old and *so far* the only one in her grade at school, but I still feel like a big, giant failure in this department.

Her name is Sophia Diane, after my mother, whose name is Diane. I almost used Diane as a first name, but I just couldn’t come up with a middle name to go with Diane. My grandmother also had this problem, because my mom has no middle name.

I should’ve tried harder!!!

Oh, well. At least her name isn’t Honest’I or O’Malley (my friend who is a substitute teacher sent me that gem via text last week – as well as a Sphia – that’s right – Sophia without benefit of the letter “o”).

But seriously. I screwed up! Sigh. Tooooooooo late. Parental failure complete. But at least now I know who she should marry! Clearly she is destined for Maria’s little boy, Mason. They would make a very cute couple!


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  1. I really extremely love the title to this post.

  2. I totally get this.
    I have loved the names Henry and Emma for A MILLION YEARS. In fact, I distinctly remember in high school girlfriends scrunching their noses and making gagging noises at how “old fashioned” the names were.
    Enter Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character naming her baby Emma.
    I straight CRIED.
    I knew it was over. Right then and there. No Emma for me.
    When Henry was born, it was fine.
    But now??? Henry’s EVERYWHERE. So far he’s on the leading edge of the trend, but still.
    Also, Lucy is beginning to trend.

  3. Elizabeth B says:

    At least it will always be clear she is a girl. This semester I have to keep reminding myself that Drew can be girl’s name cause it is in my class!! And let’s face it – Sophia suits her very well!

  4. At this point it’s probably just best to insulate yourself and forget about nationwide stats. Your girl is your unique girl regardless.
    On that note, however, our now 16 month old girl would have been named Mason if we had a boy. I liked my husbands middle name, Edward, for a boy’s name but as soon as Twilight came along I knew that wasn’t going to happen either.

  5. It was one of my requirements to have a name NOT in the top 100. As it turns out, we have picked a name so unpopular that it hasn’t been in the top 1000 names for the last 100 years. In fact, it’s so unusual that when I have tried it out on people, I always have to say it more than once.

    No apostrophes in it, either.

  6. Come on, confess. You named her after the Golden Girls character.

  7. You had me at no apostrophes!

  8. FUNNIEST post title EVER!!!!!

  9. failure here too. EMMMA. my second daughter. i named her that in 2000 though so i kind of feel like i started the emma trend which only makes me feel a pinch better.

    my son is owen which NO one was named except for a very old man in our church in 2004 and everyone thought i was nuts. now there are owens cropping up everywhere.

    and Brynne, my baby. i had never heard of it. my husband picked it out of a baby name book in 2008 then, hello, betheny names her daughter bryn. i’m doomed.

  10. I had my daughter Emily in 1999 and I also wanted to name her something that was not popular.

    The day after she was born and we already had the birth certificate signed, we were casually looking through the newspaper and on the front page we read, “Emily – #1 girl name for 1999”

    Are you kidding me!? Did I mention that happened the DAY AFTER SHE WAS BORN?!

    No lie.

    I feel your pain.

  11. Again, “La – a” as in L-dash-a. It could be worse.

    My kids, as you know are Shelby and Donovan. There were none when they were born, but both names have come UP in popularity.

    I’ve always envied my sister Zola, you never hear that one.


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