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I looooove to bake for friends and family, especially around the holidays (and yes, I do have a spreadsheet for that, thankyouverymuch). is the perfect place to find and store recipes I want to have on hand.

Check out my collection above. Some are recipes I’ve made before, like this recipe I use every year to make buckeyes. I’ve already used it twice this year, and it couldn’t be easier.

Want to know the secret to delicious, creamy buckeyes? Beat the butter and peanut butter together for a very long time before adding any powdered sugar. You’re welcome.

I made buckeyes and these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies yesterday – this recipe will stay on my go-to list for years to come!

And the Chocolate Cookies with Candy Cane Buttercream? They’ll change your life. I haven’t made them yet this year, but I need to do that stat.

I also love Snickerdoodles – my grandma used to make them all the time, but I never do for one reason – I never have cream of tartar on hand. This recipe, however, doesn’t call for that ingredient, so I will have to whip some up!

I’m starting to wish I’d scheduled a vacation day just to bake! What about you – what are you making this year? Any recipes I should make sure to add to my list?

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New Features on DISH’s Hopper

Our family has been enjoying DISH for a while now, and I have to say that it’s the best television service we’ve ever had. There are SO MANY features on it, especially on the Hopper DVR, that we haven’t even used them all!

This week they’ve rolled out new software with three new features that I want to share with you.

First, Watch From the Beginning.

dish watch_from_beginning

This might be the best thing that’s happened to televisions since the remote control. The name pretty much says it all – you can watch a show from the beginning, even if you turned the tv on when the show was halfway over.

Game changer.

Secondly, Binge-Watching Made Easier.

dish Binge_watching_1_0

Now, I am not the binge watcher in our household, but there are a couple of them who live with me. Not naming any names, but they rhyme with Handy and Late. Hopper’s new feature will make their habits even easier, because now when they finish watching a DVR’d or on-demand episode, a pop up screen will show four subsequent episodes in the series that are available. “Just one more…”

Finally, Closed Captioning can now be turned on with the touch of a button.

dish CC_captioning

CC is generally hidden somewhere in the settings menu, making it a challenge to remember how to turn it off and on. Now, all we have to do is press the green button on our Hopper remote.

For more information on DISH and Hopper, visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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Speaking of Things Jenny’s Obsessed With…

I’ve known Jenny for going on 36 years now, and during that time, I’ve seen her become obsessed with many things.

Many, many things.

Cabbage Patch Kids. Debbie Gibson. Happy Gilmore. Jones Soda. Healing Garden bath products.

You’ve seen it too, on this little blog of ours.

Coupons. CVS. Mary Kay. Lands’ End. Make up. Selfies.

Most recently, Serial.

The problem is that she’s so dang enthusiastic about these things that the obsession starts to rub off on people around her. And by people, I mean me.

When she started talking about essential oils, I should have tuned her out! I mean, you’d think I would be good at that by now.

But no, I listened to her.

jenny witch doctor

And I am the slightest bit intrigued. Actually, I am going to a class to learn about them tonight and I spent the better part of Sunday evening pinning all kinds of nonsense about them and how they’ll cure whatever ails ya.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

Before I go drop tons of cash on snake oil, as I like to refer to it, tell me – have any of you (besides Jenny) used them with success?

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