Reason to Procreate: Living Baby Dolls

Gymboree provided me with a gift card to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

So, I really enjoy dressing up my kiddos because well, they are darling and attractive, no? But for most of their lives, they’ve had a ton of hand-me-downs, and it’s been totally awesome. I LOVE FREE CLOTHES, and since my kids are so very, very cute, they look just as awesome in clothes that other people pick out as they do in ones that I pick out. But, it is awfully fun for me to pick out new things for them once in awhile, so when Gymboree asked if I might want to check out some of their latest spring fashions I said “heck yes!” And I went shopping to outfit my little darlings for Easter in some of Gymboree’s latest and cutest styles. See?




Orange is my favorite color, and I love the way it looks on all three of my kids. I especially love Sophie’s Orange You Cute Polka Dot Ribbon dress (of course – girls are way more fun to dress up no matter how cute those boys are, at least in my world.) One thing I love about Gymboree’s girls clothes is that they are so age-appropriate! Everything I looked at when pondering what to buy my little girlie was adorable and nothing at all was trampy. Woohoo! I love the ribbon details, the bow on the collar, and the polka dots and pleats. I LOVE it! It’s too sweet for words. And of course I love the boysshirts, too. I love that Gymboree had coordinating shirts for them even though they are seven years apart in age. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to match them up like that.

Another thing I really enjoyed about my Gymboree shopping experience is that I earned $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 I spent! So now, I get to go back to Gymboree with those Gymbucks and get some the NEW items they just released last week. I absolutely ADORE this Yellow and  Black Collection, Sophie must have it ALL!

Yellow and Black Collage

Of course, I can’t leave my boys out – they are pretty handsome fellas after all! I love the Beach Buddies collection for all the fun we have coming up this summer.

Beach Buddies Collage

 I hadn’t been in Gymboree in years before I decided to do this review, and I’m so glad I did! I will definitely be shopping there for our next special occasion. What’s your favorite thing about shopping at Gymboree?

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Spring BROKE


My big kids are on spring break this week, so you may imagine the many, many colorful curse words I suppressed when I looked out the window and saw THIS travesty yesterday morning.

spring broke

This past weekend was glorious – so glorious in fact, that Joshua’s head exploded with spring allergies and he now looks like he hasn’t slept in about four weeks. But the weather! It was great! We had a whole lot of fun outside together.

And now – it’s  BUTT FREEZING COLD!

And I cannot LET IT GO, Queen Elsa!

I want our spring break un-broken!

Which probably means I should move.

Side note: this cold also apparently BROKE MY BRAIN, because despite that I took this photo long  before we needed to leave the house, when it was time to get the kids out the door, I stood in front of this snow-covered van realizing “OH, I should probably have de-frosted the car and cleaned it off before now. Crap.” Yeah so the kids got to be cold for another couple minutes while I took care of that…

BLERGH. Anyone else TIRED of talking about the weather?

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The Pig Farmer Wins the Ham and We Throw a Party


Well hey there, remember last week when we had a $50 HoneyBaked gift card giveaway? That you ALL wanted to win?

Well, the winner has been chosen, completely 100% randomly but also completely 100% ironically – it’s Holly Michael! Congrats Holly! Holly’s win is ironic because her husband is…wait for it…a PIG FARMER. And her blog is called “Bringing Home the Bacon“. I’m cracking up! Well, Holly, you, like me, may have lost the funny writing contest (*cough*robbed*cough) but you WON the HoneyBaked gift card. CONGRATS!

Now, if you are bitter that YOU didn’t win (I’m looking at you, MOM) – never fear! It’s National Spiral Ham Day (I’m serious. As a heart attack. So just focus on this new meaning to April 15th and forget about your tax deadline!) so Emily and I are joining together with HoneyBaked and some other great bloggers for a fun Twitter party tonight to talk about ALL things HoneyBaked and Easter traditions. Of course, we will have PRIZES – lots of $50 HoneyBaked gift cards to give away!

Still jonesing for a HoneyBaked WIN? Join us tonight on Twitter from 8-9 PM EST. Follow @jennyitup, @momminitup, and the hashtag #HoneyBakedHost to win! If you’re coming, please let us know by RSVPing at this link.

Can’t wait to tweet with you all tonight! Happy Ham Day!

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