Pop Quiz

joshua is old

I think I am having an identity crisis.

Last night when I was saying goodnight to Joshua as he climbed into bed I got really weepy. I mean, he will be eleven years old in a month. And laying there in his bed, he looked HUGE. And he was kinda just like, “Ok lady, tell me good night and get out of here.”

Instead I told him a story, a true story about how when he was a baby, once he really got communicative, between say 6 and 18 months, and he was SO sweet, I used to say to him ALL THE TIME: “Joshua, I hope you always love me as much as you do right now.”

Because he LOVED me. SO much. Unabashedly. With abandon. And he was just indescribably sweet. His babyhood for me was much easier and more enjoyable than Sophie or Jonah’s, both because he was an easy baby and because he was the only one. I was his and he was mine, completely.

tiny joshua

And now he loves Minecraft and friends and watching Agents of Shield with Daddy.

And he’s almost 11 and I’m 37 and…when did this happen? I still feel like I should be 26 with a newborn.

So…pop quiz: who am I, and what am I supposed to do with this giant man-child who could take or leave me?

Anyone have a cheat sheet?

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Word Nerds!


Saturday, Joshua and Sophie were BOTH in our district Spelling Bee. Last year they both qualified, also, but Joshua did not want to do it, and we didn’t make him. This year, however, he was ready, but he did NOT want to win. He was like, terrified of getting to the final round where he would compete against 6th-8th graders as well as his own 5th grade winners. Sophie, however, was in it to win it! We studied pretty hard. I even made Joshua study because I told him he HAD to do his best, but I gotta be honest – the 5th grade words were ridiculously hard!

Anyway. Before we left for the big Bee, we had to do a family coin toss. Why? You ask.

Because both kids wanted Daddy to come with them in the spelling room. We had to flip a coin to see which would claim the Daddy prize and which would get stuck with boring old Mom.

Sophie lost. And let me be clear, LOSING = me accompanying her to the 2nd grade spelling bee.


Despite her handicap of getting stuck with moi, Sophie spelled her heart out and came in 4th place out of 20 spellers! She was SO excited, and I was SO proud. She spelled with confidence and made it through 18 rounds before she got out!

Sophie 4th place

Joshua and Bobby fared well in the 5th grade room, but not AS well as Sophie. The details are a little fuzzy, because when I asked how he did, they could only come up with “I was in the top 10 but not the top 5.” I had to laugh! We are so proud of Joshua for overcoming the fear that kept him out of the spelling bee last year!

joshua is cool

And of course, the same week of the spelling bee, both kids also qualified for the district speech meet. Which means…another early Saturday morning coin-toss is in our future.

I sure do love my little Word Nerds! Even though they love Daddy more.

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Things I Hate

I know you all love it when I’m angry, and I’ve been sick for over a week and am exhausted and overwhelmed/ living in a house that is DEFCON TWELVE level messy, and my kids have not one but TWO DAYS OFF school this week so I’m peeeeved.

Therefore. Thing I hate. Let’s start with hashtags.


#fitmom (I prefer #slobmom. Actually I prefer we JUST DON’T TALK ABOUT IT.)

I actually pretty much hate the word “fit” now – even when used in a definition that has nothing to do with health.

#boymom, #girlmom (really, do you we need another reason to polarize ourselves?) OHEMGEE I have boys AND a girl, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO??

#dogsofinstagram – no explanation needed

#disneyside – ain’t got one


All these people who named all these kids. But especially the ones who NAMED THEIR BABY HASHTAG. #donotnameyourbabyhashtag

I know as I good Christian I shouldn’t hate people, so I promise Jesus and I will talk about this soon, and eventually I won’t hate them. But at the time of writing…HATE.


Drowning in my own phlegm

Being too sick to do anything but the basics, AKA, living in a house that looks like a dirty laundry-only episode of Hoarders.

Kids having LOTS OF DAYS OFF SCHOOL (not MLK, the OTHER ONE! AND THE SNOW DAYS!) when I expressly pay large sums of American dollars each year for them to GO TO SCHOOL.

Things I Love:

Antibiotics and Mucinex.

Happy Monday! The end.



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