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joshua playground

As you guys know, I am always up for a good back-to-school countdown. TWENTY-FOUR DAYS Y’ALL! But this year, this year, my glee and sending my kids out the door so I can eat bons bons all day work is beset by a smidge of nervousness. Because in twenty-four days, my Joshua starts fifth grade. And in our school system, fifth grade is MIDDLE SCHOOL! Middle school! How is this possible? When we started this blog Joshua looked like this:


Joshua’s fourth birthday, less than a year after we started Mommin’ It Up

and now he looks like this:


Joshua now. 3.5 year old baby brother included for size reference :)

So, not only am I like, “MY baby! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?” – I’m also like, “Middle School! That’s when kids start being MEAN!” Joshua is very, um, sensitive, so I worry about him getting offended, being an easy target, (and quite frankly, being overtly wimpy and not “going with the flow” when he should) and refusing to trying new things.

I’ve already been carefully requiring him to be extra-good about brushing his teeth and washing his face – things he tends to be lazy about – because I don’t want to give kids ammo to use against him. I don’t want him to be “the dirty kid” when he has no reason to be – plenty of access to hygiene tools in this house! I mean, thanks to couponing I currently have like 20 tubes of toothpaste. (Anyone want some? I’m not trying to be a hoarder, I swear.)

I have NO idea why I am so paranoid about this. I never had trouble in school, and never gave anyone else any trouble. Joshua goes to a Christian school (as I did) and I should expect everyone to be a little nicer, but we are all human and kids are kids. I mean, I am not expecting him to get SHANKED, I just don’t want him to get excluded. Plus, he is just such a nice kid.

But he cries every time I talk to him about joining the swim team (which he really should do because he’s an AWESOME swimmer), so there’s that.

Ah, well, we’ve both got 24 days to toughen up! Middle School is coming for us!

Moms of middle schoolers, got any advice?

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And just like that…

Jonah badminton

Remember like, 2.2 seconds ago when I was posting that I was so nervous about Jonah going to summer school?

Well. Turns out that time really does fly. That was six weeks ago, and today is Jonah’s last day of “Summer Science Lab”.

Neither of us are particularly happy about it! He LOVES going and I think would be content to keep on keepin’ on, and having him happily occupied 4 hours a day 4 days a week has  helped me have a much better summer with my big kids than I usually do. HOWEVER, I am not going to miss setting my alarm for 6:45 am 4 days a week during the summer. Whew, that was rough.

Honestly, I am SO thrilled with how Jonah did in this program. He had fun, he learned a lot, and his speech has just exploded the past 2-3 weeks. They don’t work on his speech at this program, but just being with so many “typical” peers has been so good for him! I can’t believe all the millions of things he’s been saying  the past few weeks. If you are my Facebook friend you’ve had the privilege of reading some of them. (Lucky you!) My recent favorite took place while we were in the car. He said, “I gotta hurry! I wanna hurry!” (I have never heard him use that word before.)  I said, “Why, Jonah?” and he said “I gotta go home and play toys.”

Needless to say, I stepped on the gas! :)

So anyway. I am rambling a bit here. But the gist of it is, I am sad that summer school is over, but I’m looking forward to maybe sleeping in a little (dare I dream of 7:30??) and having some lazy fun these last 4 weeks of summer with my babies.

Although it would be helpful if it would warm the  heck up. It’s July 16th, my AC is off, and I’m WEARING A SWEATER as I type this. Huh? Needless to say the solid gold I plunked down for the pool membership is getting wasted this month!

I <3 Summer School and I’m so glad I took the plunge and signed Jonah up. How about you? How are you keeping the kiddos busy this summer?


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#ExtraSavings for Summer Vacation

Mommin it up and CVS ExtraSavings

I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the next three weeks for this #ExtraSavings at CVS campaign. Please join in the fun by posting to your own website, Facebook page or Twitter feed and use the hashtag #ExtraSavings. While I am being sponsored to help lead this campaign, all opinions expressed about CVS/pharmacy are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

Let me tell you something that probably won’t surprise you if you know me. Every year, I go on vacation to my mom and dad’s mountain-top home in Virginia, and every time I am there, whether it’s in the summer, at Thanksgiving, or at Easter, I have been to the little CVS at the bottom of the mountain at least once. Believe it or not, it’s not JUST because I am a CVS-a-holic, it’s because I always manage to forget something or run out of something while I’m on vacation. And even though I also do CVS shopping BEFORE vacation, I of course think of a million other things I need once we arrive. This year, in about 10 days, I am once again going to the mountains. And my dear Emily is going to the beach. Last year, I went to the mountains AND the beach on the SAME vacation,which was pretty crazy, so I can attest to the fact that CVS has everything one might need for both these destinations. Such as:

cvs camp chair 2

Last year, we bought our beach chairs at CVS while on vacation and they were on an ExtraBucks deal. It was an epic moment in vacation savings for this coupon-loving lady!  Here are some other vacation essentials you can buy at CVS:

CVS vacation collage

Sunscreen! Sun hats! Flip-flops! Beach Towels! And a necessity for us on the mountain, BUG SPRAY. Bugs think my kids and I are delicious (natch). Now, as I mentioned, I always try to hit CVS before my vacation, but it’s nice to know there’s always a CVS nearby when we are at our destination, because life happens and things always come up. Two years ago while we were vacationing, Jonah got sick and got an extra-bad diaper rash  - it was horrible! He cried so hard every time we changed him. I was so glad to have a CVS nearby so we could go get the STRONG diaper rash cream to help soothe him. He was always prone to bad rashes and seeking a remedy, I turned to the internet and found a recipe for a diaper rash cream made out of three different ingredients. They are not things I’d normally bring on vacation so I had to run down the mountain to CVS to get the things I needed to make this special concoction – it worked and was such a relief.

Other things I’ve bought at our mountain CVS include: baby wipes, children’s benadryl, toddler toothpaste and toothbrush, hats to keep the bugs off our heads on the mountain, shoes (knock-off Crocs for the kids!), beach toys, bubbles, and so! much! more! It really does have everything. Including, as I noticed the other day, coolers for the beach or a picnic and snacks and drinks to go in them. Oh, and ICE! So take note, Emily! If you forget your beach chairs or anything else under the sun (see what I did there?) you can just open up your CVS app on your phone to find out where the nearest CVS store is and get yourself some beach gear and ExtraSavings on your way.

So tell me, friends, where are you going on vacation this year? And what gear are you going to need to take with you?

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